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Saturday, 8 January 2011

I've managed something!

Hello folks.
After much swearing and cursing I've managed a bit of a mosaic, I say bit because I really wanted these pictures to be bigger but for now................TA DAH......
Isn't it amazing what a bit of dust in the atmosphere can do?

I will not let this defeat me and WILL make better mosaics.

Anyhoo I thought you might like to see this lurvely bag that I found in Tesco this week. I couldn't resist as I'm a girl and it's a bag. It cost £4.00 with some of the money going to Clic Sargent which cares for children with cancer ~ it's designed by Orla Keily. Yummy.
Do you remember that sock yarn I got thinking I'd make a Baktus? Well I cast it on but I'm not impressed with how it's going. It just didn't seem to looking that good, so I've frogged it. Maybe it'll just be a pair of socks!
I need to cast on for the other flip-top glove now.

See you soon..............Clicky Needles.
P.S. Hello to new followers great to have you!!!!!!


  1. Love the bag! I have a Cath Kidston one from Tesco! I agree with you about the baktus - the yarn will look great as socks! Did you try Big Huge Labs for your mosaic? It's very simple on there, with lots of options!

  2. Oh my oh my do I need that bag in my life! I was in Stroud Tesco today and I certainly did not see that or I would now own several!!!
    Who' a clever girl then? I love your mosiac. I have no idea how it's done so to get to this stage is genius in my book.

  3. Well done on the mosiac!! I tried it a few weeks ago, so I know how tricky it is! I managed to do one, but couldn't do another one. Don't know what that was about!

    I love the bag, I'll have to have a look in my Tescos now.

  4. well I love your mosaic and the triangle thing. Hope to see you here very soon and visit plassard together. Have a very happy and productive 2011 x

  5. I've been promising myself that Plassard visit for quite some time Janice! Can't wait!!!!!


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