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Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Nearly Back

My last day!
Yep I'm back to school tomorrow.
That snow I mentioned yesterday has dusted us.
Mr Clicky Needles' car (BMW) refuses to drive on anything slightly slippy and our drive does have a small slope, which for his car is impossible. Luckily my trusty 4x4 has no such sensitivities so knitting group was on!
I picked up my pal M on the way.

I forgot to tell you about the spinning session with drop spindles that M and myself had last week.
It was not that good.
We tried to spin for about 10 minutes with fluff going in all directions but the way it should be and then resorted to talking about yarn, needles, patterns, books etc, etc and decided that spinning could wait for another day!

I have a few things to show.
Firstly this bag made with two balls of Rowan Ribbon Twist that I got in a bargain bin. The pattern is from Rachel Henderson's book I Love Knitting which is a fun funky book.
These two balls have been hanging around for longer than I care to remember and I'm soooo pleased to be able to use them up. Now I know they do clash a bit but I think the end result is OK.
Just to show you how much I like it I've EVEN LINED IT with some old cord fabric that was a skirt in it's heyday.
Lining this bag has made me realise that sewing isn't so awful after all (I can do it, I just don't) so maybe I'll do some more.

My other project at the mo' are Flip-Top gloves.
Something ELSE made in the lovely Drops Delight sock yarn (this may have dropped into my basket whilst getting green for Northern Monkey's shawl.)
As you can see it has a fluffiness to it, which makes it perfect for gloves IMHO.
The flip-top bit is a bit of a funny shape but I'm cobbling together several patterns and making it up a bit.
One down, one more to go.

And so there it is, holidays gone.
Back to the grindstone.
Bye for now.................Clicky Needles.


  1. I think those mittens are a good idea. Might have to knit some for me! I quite like the colours of your bag - and the purple lining! Hope your term goes well!

  2. Great job on the bag and gloves! I worked on my Granny Stripe blanket today. Hugs, Teresa


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