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Friday, 3 May 2013


Hello there.

More general busyness has been happening, nothing major, just things that need doing.   Sunday night comes around and I'm too tired/can't be bothered/DS is doing his homework (yes, he should have done it earlier) and hogging the Mac.  I might try a different day.  We'll see.

 The sunshine has hit the UK at last.  It seems to have put a spring into everyone's step.  The garden has at last started to turn green and our cherry tree has burst into 
The cowslips are seeding everywhere, lots are coming up in the lawn so I had to avoid them when the grass had it's first cut.
The primroses are looking fabulous.  
There's also some really pretty cowslip/primula crosses.
Last Saturday was Wonderwool Wales and I had a fabby day out with my pal Romain.  As always the range of fluff, wool, buttons and knitwear was huge.  I didn't buy much, not really having the need to buy any yarn ;-) but I did find a few gems.

Firstly 3 balls of felting wool in a stunning cerise pink from Knitting4Fun to make a felted bag.  
A lovely pattern from Cotton and Cloud for a top-down seamless cardi.  We saw this in the flesh and it really was a gorgeous pattern made in Fyberspates Scrumptious Aran a squishy blend of 55% Merino and 45% Silk.  Yummy.
I also bought another pattern called Isis Tailcoat from Purl Alpaca Designs.  This has an unusual construction which gives it the lovely shape; short rows across the bottom back to make a curve and then pick up and knit upwards.
This was great too, and I really liked the crochet necklace as well.
And that was it, 2 patterns, 3 balls of yarn and loads of inspiration.  All the fluff made me think of spinning again but I put the thought firmly to the back of my mind.  We had a super day out and it was slightly warmer than last year which saw us shivering as we walked.

My S-I-L is off to Ethiopia with Midwives@ethiopia in the next few days with more hats and uterus.  Thanks to my Mum for this lot.
And to finish, a plane and vapour trail taken a few minutes ago; the planes are on their way to The States as they come over us and I love taking photos of them.
DS's parting words to me as he left for school "I suppose you'll be sunbathing all day Mum."  
I do other things too......washing, cleaning, cooking.............although maybe I'll get in a bit of hooky time on my baby blanket in the sun.........

Bye for now, let's hope the sunshine stays all weekend and Bank Holiday Monday..................Clicky Needles. 


  1. You left the spending to me! 3 lots of fluffyness to spin, some St Kilda rare breed laceweight yarn and a sushi roll from Easyknits. As ususal "more ideas than time".

  2. Yes, you did more spending than me but I wasn't going to dob you in.

  3. How very restrained!

    Those hybrids look very interesting.

  4. Grab those rays of sun while you can. Love that yarn, such a beautiful color.

  5. Isn't it funny how our kids think we loll about all day? That sweater is magnificent! I can't wait to see yours.. what kind and color yarn will you use for it? Alpaca and silk would be pretty. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Looks like spring is on its was now your garden is looking pretty.

  7. Back to rain again here, cricket training is off tonight. I love this time of year when the primroses and cowslips are out, I saw a gorgeous bank at the side of the road literally covered in cowslips last weekend, beautiful.


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