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Friday, 31 May 2013

A New Toy

Hello Folks!

Look!  I've got a new toy.
As Tesco currently have Double Clubcard deals on cameras I doubled up my vouchers and effectively got a £318 camera for free.  
 Yes, free.
I've been after a 'nice' camera for a while, I was thinking I'd smash my Terramundi  pot which has been on the go with £2 coins since 2011.  No need.   Woop, woop.  Excited?  
Yes I am.
I'm very much stuck in automatic mode at the moment and it's a bit weird getting used to looking through the view finder pretending to be a 'proper' photographer. Hehe.  I have no idea how many pixels I'm taking photos in at the moment and am clueless with all the different settings but hopefully with time and the manual, I'll get better.

So is there any difference?
Remember those tulips Mr Clicky got me?
Taken with my Sony Cybershot.
With the new Nikon.
Can you see a difference?  Better depth of colour I think.

So, off to snap some more with the better weather we're going to get.  It's been raining all week and sooo cold.

Have fun.............Clicky Needles.


  1. Wow - every little does help then!! What a fab new toy :) Am saving all my vouchers till I've moved then I can buy new things for my new house :)

  2. Good for you, that is the best deal ever. Have fun with your new toy.

  3. Fab pressie (to self)! Enjoy hugely!!! (Oh, by the way, did I say I was very very jealous!!!!!!)xxx ps big difference in the two pics.

  4. Wow, very snazzy! I've had my smart camera for 18 months and am still in auto mode most of the time.

  5. What an excellent deal, and what a fab new toy to have. After seeing the photo of the tulips I want one now! It'll need to wait though, must just keep going with the compact.

  6. Congrats on such a nice camera! I hope you have better luck than I did.. I got a fancy one and after just a few photos got totally dis-enamored of it and now I'm happy with my purse sized Lumix. You're right.. the 2nd photo has more detail for sure! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. Wow, that is impressive! All I got was a free iron...mind you, when I start sewing again it will be worth its weight in gold.

  8. Ooooh, new camera, lots of fun! Looks like you might have a sunny day for photos again today, hope you enjoy it!

  9. Bit behind on blog reading but just wanted to say you won't regret the camera. I've got a Nikon D90 and love it. Have had it for 18 months and am getting more and more confident with it, although I do really need to learn the Shutter Priority mode!!

  10. Brave woman!!! I am just a point and shoot photographer, but am having fun with my first digital camera. Soooo much less expensive than when film and developing were required :) Enjoy your new challenge! [and we will, too!]
    Gracie xx


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