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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Half Term

Hello folks.

Yes, Half Term is upon us.  We were ready for a break at school, tiredness was showing ~ and that was just the teachers.   Our Year 6 children came through SATs unscathed helped along by croissants, brioche, syrup pancakes and copious amounts of mints.  Amazing what a bit of food can do.  

We've had some sunshine over the weekend, but today is wet and miserable.   I've been having some hooky time in the sunshine on my baby blanket.  I added the bubblegum pink into the mix from the colours I showed you a few weeks ago.
I'm really pleased with these colours much more brighter than the original start.  The blue, teal and damson we ok but not doing it for me.
The sunshine has brought the apple blossom out....
 ...and the ferns are unfurling.
The Horse Chestnut in a pot is a beautiful green.  The kids planted a conker a few years ago, what we're going to with a Horse Chestnut tree I have no idea, but there we are.
 Perennial Wallflower.
 I even treated myself to a mint choc chip with a flake from the ice-cream van which visits every Sunday come rain or shine. 
 It seems that Tipper is also a sun worshiper like me, he loves   stretching out in the sun.  If he is indoors he drags his bed to any patch of sunlight he can find, looking very pleased with himself.
 That's it for today, I'll have some FOs to show soon!

Have fun...................Clicky Needles.


  1. I think I would like to be lying out in the sunshine also.

  2. I really like the crochet you are working on at the moment, great colours.
    M x

  3. Love the beautiful crochet int he sunshine. Hope your days this week stay warm and sunny.

  4. Came to you from Mere's blog and I LOVE your post. I have to do some icec ream from time to time to. LOVE your crochet project

  5. You are having the nice weather that we are NOT having. Grey, cool and rain/mist/showers here in Oregon.. the garden is POOFED with green and weeds! Hope you keep on having nice weather. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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