Scavenger Hunt

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Scavenger Hunt April

Scavenger Hunt for April

Pink.  My lovely felting yarn.
6.  I bet DS wishes he hits lots of sixes with his cricket bat.
My town, Stroud. Taken last summer when Pete Reed, gold medal winning Olympian was being greeted home. 
 Sport.  DS bowling.
 Night Light.  In our garden, not had the chance to sit out on a warm evening but you never know.......
Something I collect.  Yarn(sometimes I even use it.)
Big.  Our contorted willow.  Big enough.
Dinner.  A scrumptious plate of asparagus from neighbouring county Herefordshire. Yum.

 Texture.  Silver birch bark in my parent's garden.
 Curl.  Some of mine.  Turns out it's hard to take a picture of your own hair.
Take off.  It'll have taken off at some point :-).
 Plastic.  My lovely new clock.
So there we are. Late again.
Have a look at the rest here


  1. I think the photo scavenger hunts are fun to view and I enjoyed seeing what you found, Cath :-)
    Gracie xx

  2. Thanks for taking part in the scavenger hunt, I really like your photos of curl and plastic. Greenthumb

  3. You've got a cricketer in the family too. I'm on my own most Saturdays these days as both Mick and Daniel play, and Eleanor has started scoring for them now to earn a bit of pocket money.

    1. Precious time to yourself! If have to go too, although usually with some crochet or knitting.

  4. That was a fun read! I'm finally able to rest after a very busy weekend.. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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