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Saturday, 14 August 2010

Saturday 14th August

Hello Everyone!
I'm sure you've noticed no blog from me for 2 weeks!
I've been a busy bee.

The first week of August was taken up by a Trip.
Just a quick one of 4 days.
I went with my lovely friend B to France.
I had to be very brave and do some driving on the wrong side of the road. This went quite well, it really was alright, I just needed a bit more concentration at junctions and roundabouts.
We travelled through the tunnel and ended up at Les Cerisiers roughly about 6 hours later.
I've mentioned Les Cerisiers before ~ we had a super holiday there in February.
Sadly this time we were not in the house ~ but a tent in the garden.
We met some friends of J and M who own it ~ both French and English and had a lovely time.
Here are some things in their garden.
Grapes ~ yummy!
Pink and red Geraniums ~ a colour combination which really shouldn't look good together but do.
And some Hydrangeas.
I even managed to catch this Hummingbird Hawk Moth which was no mean feat ~
it was moving so fast.
But why did you go I hear you ask?
Not just to visit J and M ~ although that is a brilliant reason to go.
..................with B and S we're buying this little cottage...............
...........and we had to go and sign the paperwork!
One minute we're all in a state of huge excitement and then...
............uh-oh what are we doing?
It is just across the valley from J and M's house!
It will be a holiday cottage when it is habitable.
It's not been lived in for 15 years so is very dirty, cobwebby and overgrown.
This is what the front looks like.
And the back garden is no better!
This is the kitchen ceiling!
But this is the view from the front bedroom.
It is in a valley in a hamlet called Le Buisson which means The Bush and we have decided to call the house 'Les Bon Amies" ~ The Good Friends.
I've got lots more to tell you about it but you'll have to wait!
Obviously whilst I wasn't driving and B was ~ besides talking all the way (I had a sore throat the next day!) I made lots of progress on the Ruffly Shrug.

I'd just like to say a H~U~G~E thank you to J and M for letting us stay, keeping us fed and watered and helping us through the whole buying process ~ they have been great.
More to follow.......
Bye for now ~ Clicky Needles.

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