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Monday, 2 August 2010

Monday 2nd August

I knew doing houseworky stuff is no good for you.
I've managed to do something to my back and now have sciatic pain in my leg. It's more of a dull ache than aaahhhhhhhh that hurts but it is annoying.
I've spent a few days not doing much, I was planning to hit the front garden but decided that wouldn't be a good idea.
I did however, make a quick neck warmer with a few balls I had in stash.
*polishes halo*
This was made with Twilley's Freedom Wool and a pale green Rowan Little Big Wool that I had hanging around. As it is 100 per cent wool I felted the ends together so no sewing in.
I love garter stitch and think for a chunky wool like this it shows off beautifully.
Not the best picture in the world but I couldn't find a useful child to take a picture at the time. The pattern is Wham Bam thank You Lamb Neckwarmer by Susan Chang. I'm becoming a big convert to neckwarmers ~ you don't get all those ends flapping about like you do with a scarf and it sits and stays where you tell it to.
This is the ruffle shrug I talked about. Actually called Waterfall Shrug it is by Janet Barton.
The simplest of shrugs ~ a rectangle sewed under the arms and then a H~U~G~E ruffle on the sleeves and neck.
Sounds great.
But ~ the yarn is 4ply ~ I'm using Stylecraft Life at £2.50 a ball and it needs 2 balls ~ and 3.25mm needles and it is taking a time.
I suppose we all need a little bit of mindless knitting sometimes.
Whilst I was pottering around the garden before the back/leg were too bad this stunning Lily Stargazer was wafting scent everywhere.
And then back to Alliums ~ I'm sorry I go on about these so much but I love them and this one is full of seeds for new plants in a few years time.
It looks lovely even when it's finished flowering.
Isn't nature great?
I am soooooooo desperate for this beauty from Ikea ~ *gulp* £89 but isn't it fab?
More of a Dandelion Clock than an Allium but hey.........
Don't think it'll happen but I can always dream.
See you soon.
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  1. I say buy it. It's gorgeous, and, as my sister says, you'll regret it if they stop selling it... PS - I love the neckwarmer, I think it's in my queue.

  2. Hey, what do you mean by "felted the ends together?" How did you do that?

  3. Felting or spit splicing can be used for 100 per cent wool. Fluff up both ends that you want to join together. Spit (or dampen with water if you can't stand the thought!) and rub both ends together ~ I use the palms of my hands or jeans. The ends will then felt together - no ends!

    Thanks for reading Spinster Beth ~ I didn't know I had anyone from across the pond visiting my blog!


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