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Sunday 15 May 2011

All moved!

Hello all!
A fairly quick post from me today ~ the ironing is beckoning. :-(
At last moving has finished ~ we packed up the last two classrooms at school on Friday they've been carpeted and we unpacked them today (Sunday).

Life still isn't completely back to normal but maybe soon.

I had a wander around the garden this evening and snapped all of these Aquilega (Grannies Bonnets). They seed wherever they fancy, cross with each other and produce a super display.

I think my favourite is the pale blue and white one.

I finished off my crochet bag and lined the strap with grosgrain ribbon to stop it stretching so much. I started this in July 2009 and then just forgot it. Anyhoo all done now, it's a bit like a Tardis ~ so much room inside.
I'm very excited at the prospect that my Ripple it all Up blanket is NEARLY DONE!!!!!! I've had a bit of a push on it of late and I'm now putting the border on. I'll give you a little peak but you'll have to wait for the big Ta-Dah.
The last thing to show you a little ball of yarn.
I dropped into my LYS for chat with Lucy and came out having had the chat with this too. Called Jawoll Magic it's sock yarn with a bit of a halo in lovely colours. It seemed to want to come home with me so there we are.

It was DD's 16th Birthday on Tuesday and DS's 12th Birthday on Wednesday and
she had her Prom last week ~ the limo they went in was very posh ~ she starts GCSE's tomorrow so we've all got fingers crossed. (Maybe more scarily, she has now officially left school).

Must go now, to do that ironing.

Hope you have a great week.........Clicky Needles.


  1. Your Ripple blanket looks lovely and so does your bag.
    I was there when that yarn arrived at ACP and Lucy was doing the happy dance. It's so lovely but I have promised myself a ball once my WIP's are done.
    Happy Birthday to your Littlies (Or not so littlies!)


  2. Such gorgeous flowers! I love those that seed themselves. Happy Birthdays to your children.. they're growing up! Pretty yarn, I admit I just ordered some "Chroma" from Knitpicks, along with an array of cotton called "Washie"! I guess there are worse things than buying too much yarn, right?

    Hugs, Teresa :-)

  3. Lovely aquilegias. Ripple blanket looking good, will look forward to seeing it in the flesh next meeting? Havent forgotten I owe you for the bag.
    Good luck to DD for the exams...glad we are through that phase although my DD is frantic completeing her Doctoral thesis and you never stop feeling for them!! Have a great week. Jenny xx

  4. I saw the Jawoll Magic but resisted! Maybe this week eh?

  5. Flowers look great and the sock wool ooh very snazzy. Lots of luck for DGD for her exams - it is very stressful, all she can do is her best. love G

  6. Loved Theresa's blogs from Portland. It's lovely to learn about different countries - and that us grannies are all the same the world over!

  7. What pretty flower photo's you must have a very pretty garden x
    That crochet bag is fab just the way I like them nice and big to fit things in. The different blues work well together.

    Looking forward to seeing your ripple blanket complete again that looks very colourful.

    The sock yarn looks very bright and scrumptious for knitting with too.

    And finally good luck to your daughter in her G.C.S.E's

    Have a great week! (p.s you do better than me at motivation with ironing - I am a strictly iron as I go and have trained the hubby to do his own ;) ).

    Leah x


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