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Sunday 29 May 2011

Woot! Half Term

Ahhh time to rest.
I've got a bit of Half Term-itus, sore throat, cold sore (aarragh) and I'm just generally a bit worn out.
We've all been taking it easy and Mr CN has got the week off too, so we're looking forward to some days out together.
My little granny squares are increasing......
....even though Mr CN looked and said, 'That'll take a long time to be a blanket', well yes he is right, but I'm at a bit of an impasse at the moment ~ I'm not sure what to start which is most unlike me. When I finish off one project the next is usually already hatching in my head, but not much is coming up at the moment, so these are filling the void.
I have started a felted tea pot cosy but it won't take long. Now, before some of you start laughing (and you know who you are!!!!) I ALWAYS use a teapot to make tea. I also like my tea strong and hot and unless you have a cosy it'll be strong but not very hot. I've gathered together some feltable wool ~ New Lanark Double Knit (worth checking out if you've not seen it before) which was in the stash...
and I've got going.
I have been finding some inspiration in my latest Amazon purchase. This is a cracking book, the best in the One-Skein Wonders series in my opinion.
There are socks, hats, gloves, scarves, baby clothes and some lovely shawls. I really like these sideways socks might have to have a go at them.
May's squares for the friendship blanket have been despatched. As you can see both of them came from the Vogue Stitchionary Book I got a few weeks ago. I'm rather pleased with them!
It's not been too easy taking garden pictures it's quite grey and windy and the plants are moving too much! I did manage to catch these Snapdragons who have self seeded in the gravel under the patio door.
Well I'm off now ~ no ironing for a change (!) just watching TV and knitting.
Ah Bliss!
Have a great Bank Holiday and a super week.
Byeeee..................Clicky Needles.


  1. I love the granny squares you're making! I made a watermelon pot holder and have one pink bootie made and need to make the 2nd one. We're having a very grey day today. Argh. But off to dinner to my son's house this evening.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. I like all of your granny squares. Have fun with the tea cozy!

  3. I use a pot to brew our tea as well, it tastes better that way. I'm going to knit a teacosy soon as well as our old one got very ratty and got thrown away.

    I do wear the shawl you knit for me a lot, it's just lovely and I love the colour, it kept my neck very warm when sitting outside at the campsite, thank you.

    Enjoy your half term.

  4. Hi Cath,Hope you have a relaxing half term. Love the granny squares, I did a whole bedspread of bigger ones of these for our bed 40 years ago...still love them.
    Thumbs up for the tea cosy!!! Tea is not the same when its not poured out of a teapot..have several cosies myself.
    Thanks for getting the bag for me
    jenny x

  5. Lovely crochet squares and pretty teacosy in the making, hope you're enjoying your half term break.

  6. Love the little granny squares! Sorry for late comment, I'm so behind on my blog reader and it always shows me the most recent ones first. Looking forward to seeing the teacosy too.


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