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Sunday, 8 May 2011

Hello Everyone

What a rubbish blogger I've been.
Not sure why I missed last week - it was a bank holiday weekend and I was in lazy mode.
Anyhoo, I'm fine and things are ticking along nicely.

The 1st of May saw me, DD and her BF up at 4.15 am so she could morris dance the first day of summer in much like we did last year.
When we arrived on Painswick Beacon it was dark as the lights at a Tesco prove. It had also been raining.
The dancing started, the rain stopped .......
.................. and sure enough the sun rose. The dancing was followed by a bleary eyed breakfast.
Those trellis that DS made are now in pride of place on the front of the house. The postie can now stop walking on the clematis as they lie on the path.
The garden has been looking lovely, I really like the way this perennial wallflower goes from pale lilac to dark purple.
A very blousy poppy.
These pictures were taken last weekend, over the last few days we've had thunderstorms and lots of rain. Goodness, did we need it? The grass was looking parched and the ground got really hard.

Knitting wise I've treated myself this week. This book contains 202 different cable patterns!
I've been making one of the Phoenix Friendship Blanket Squares a cable pattern and I'm running out of combinations! I won't run out again! It is a lovely book with clear illustrations, charted and written instructions.
Talking of squares, here are the two I made for April's swap.
These are the ones I received.
I saw this whilst in the magazine section the other day. A fairly new mag called Simply Homemade with lots of different crafts in. I'm not sure I'll get it again but I do like the ribbons and buttons.
I got a lovely parcel the other day. Sent by my friend B, she had been to Les Creisiers for a few days and visited the Plassard Factory shop. B had a rummage around in the bargain bin and found four of these balls. Quite chunky ~ I think a scarf or maybe gloves. What a super surprise!
I have been knitting ~ a small glimpse of (another) shawl which is blocking at the moment, so I'll give you a proper look next time.
My blue crochet cotton bag is nearly finished ~ just need to put the lining in the handle.

The new extension at school in very nearly finished, and we've been hard at work removing everything from two of the classrooms on Friday (there's four classrooms in total), so new carpets could be laid. Today (Sunday) has been spent putting all the furniture, books etc back in. Next Friday and Sunday will be a repeat performance with the other two classrooms and then maybe, just maybe, life will be back to normal.

Righto time to go, have a great week....................................
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  1. What kind of dancing does your daughter do? I loved folk dancing when I was at Girl Scout camp. That book looks great, I've done some cables, but in my dotage I want to do simple things such as crochet. :-)

    Hugs, Teresa :-)

  2. Teresa - it's Morris Dancing - very British! Bells around the ankles as well, she's very fit because of it.


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