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Monday, 8 August 2011

A Cracking Weekend

Hello there!

We've had a quiet second week of Mr Clicky Needles' holiday bimbling around. The mountains of washing and ironing have been scaled, we've picked up the car and Mr CK has got rid of the 'stuff' from his old company.

On Saturday morning I went to my LYS Along Came Polly because Tickety Boo was minding it for the morning. She lives pretty close but we've never managed to meet up before. It was a bit of an odd experience for the both of us to start with, we felt like we knew each other, but having never met it made it a bit wierd. We soon got over that however, and spent a couple of hours nattering away. Lovely to meet you at last Tickety Boo!!!

On Sunday we went to Steam Extravaganza and Vintage Show at South Cerney Airfield near Cirencester.
Wow, did we have fun.

There were military vehicles.
We liked the miles per gallon on the self propelled gun. (Far right on the centre row on the mosaic.)
In case you're wondering the difference between a self propelled gun and a tank ~ and why wouldn't you? ~ a tank can fire and move at the same time and a self propelled gun has to stop before it can fire.

We thought this sign on the back of an army Landy about covers it.
These steam engines were incredibly noisy and smelly but went pretty fast. They did a parade around the show ring but also had races up and down the perimeter road of the airfield filling the air with steam and thick black smoke.
Apparently they need special coal!
There were all manner of trucks, cars, buses, bikes and scooters.
The pale blue american car was just bonkers! It was massive and looked like it should be on The Jetsons.

There was a vintage fair with music provided by pipe organs.
The galloping horses and the cars were both powered by steam.

But without doubt the best bit of the day by far for me was the tractors.
I realise as I write this that I've never told you about my childhood. I grew up on the family farm and I do like a tractor. When we came across this little beauty I was happy. We had a Massey 135 and if I think back it was probably what I learnt to drive (a tractor) on. When I was little I used to ride on the wheel arches holding onto a grab handle that's just by the light. I used to love riding around with my Dad hauling in bales of hay or mowing grass. I have to say that this one is in better condition than our's was though!
I also love the Grey Fergie, we did have one on the family farm, but it got sold on, I can just remember seeing it in a shed, so I must have been about 3 years old. I think there may be a picture of my brother sitting on it in the family photos so I'll try and dig it out.
This one was on parade.
The man is not massive, the Fergie really is very small!
This Field Marshall was also in the parade.
I was lucky enough to drive one a few years ago (at another tractor show!)
So, now I've revealed that I'm a closet tractor fancier, here's some alpacas, I want some!
We had a fabby time and the weather held, only raining as we left.
Mr Clicky Needles and me have now drawn up a list of wanties.
1. Grey Ferguson (me)
2. Field Marshall (me)
3. VW Camper van (both)
4. Bus (him)
5. Alpacas (me)
6. Traction engine (both)
All we need now is a small holding and somewhere to keep all the vehicles.....................and back to reality.

I have notification down the jungle drums that my parcel should arrive tomorrow! Oh the excitement I can barely contain myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bye for now...................................... Clicky Needles.


  1. It was lovely to meet you too at long last!
    I wished I'd known that was on at Cerney, we went through Cirencester yesterday and would have definately gone to that. I am not a closet tractor fan I am out and proud. There's nothing sexier than a fit bloke driving a tractor!!!! The Grey Massey takes me right back to childhood and sitting on my Dad's knee ehile he drove one of these to help bring in the harvest at a campsite we used to go to so we had space to pitch each year (infact we still go but it doesn't have a harvest anymore and my folks have a static caravan!)
    hope we meet again soon.

  2. Great photos. I like your wish list, made me chuckle. Lovely day out.
    Anne (a follower but don't think I've commented before)

  3. I'm not surprised you lost a tent at Eype - the campsite on the cliff looked very exposed!
    I love the steam gallopers - they are my favourite thing and I like to embarrass my family by going on any we see all by myself.

  4. It looks like you had one heck of a time! I must first say that the American car is a classic and I would die to have one :) I see a ton of those at our car shows here in Ohio, USA. A safer, handsomer vehicle is not to be found! Anywho, the tractors are lovely too! My gradfather collected several different types of tractors while he was alive and loved to take us grandkids out for rides through the fields. They have a special place in my heart. Thanks for sharing!


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