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Thursday 18 August 2011

Oh dear.

Hello folks.
Yes, I've been a bad blogger.
This is due in some part to the ipad.
Last week has disappeared into the ether due to free apps that I've been downloading.
I've decided that I won't turn it on until this evening today.
(We'll see.)

So what been going on in the Clicky Needles' household?
My new Terramundi Pot came.
I went for some very nice stripes.
I went to Kit and Natter at Along Came Polly and bought a ball of Adriafil Knitcol to make an ipad cosy.
It was only when I got it home I realised it was the same sorts colours as the pot.
Kind of fitting.
I've not started the cosy yet, but my Drops Cardi is coming along well. I'm half way up the second sleeve although all that stocking stitch has been getting to me and I'm becoming a bit meh about it.
I pinned it together with the one sleeve to try it on and had a pleasant surprise.
I think I like it!
I'm now galvanised back into action!

I took DD riding on Saturday to local stables so sewed in some ends on the little granny squares. Blimey this is a bit tedious. Six ends for each square. I'm going to keep on top of them though, definitely not leave them all to the end.
Yesterday I drove some friends to Forest Fibres in the Forest of Dean. Four of us went. Although it is an on-line shop you can go for a visit if you phone ahead.
We have a jolly good poke around the lovely Ros' warehouse which was filled with all things fibre, spinning, yarn, dyes,
silk ......................
I bought this pack of merino tops named 'Autumn'.
We brought back in the car two spinning wheels (neither mine!) and assorted fibre.

I picked some of those purple french beans which have been eaten raw. Beans don't often make it into the pot in this house!
The blackberries were pretty good too.
And lastly some mixed flowers.
Well, its turned nasty today, chilly, drizzly and very grey.
I hope the weather is better for you wherever you are.

Somebody hide that ipad.......
Byeeeeee...................Clicky Needles.


  1. Love Adriafil Knitcol, one of my favourite yarns, pretty colourway, will make a great cosy for your ipad, you do realise that the lovely bright colours of the Knitcol will make hiding the ipad near impossible, lol.

  2. I love your pot and the yarn look amazing, I can see you love Mr iPad very much!! :-) xx

  3. I love the Terramundi Pot. I have one but it's empty as I can't stand the thought of having to smash it as I like it so much!

    Those blackberries are huuuge! The ones that grow here never get anywhere near that big before getting over-ripe.

  4. Isn't it odd how new toys can totally take over our lives? I completely understand. Any plans for the next pot? It is lovely looking :) It does rather match your yarn, how fun! It'll make a lovely cozy. Those "Autumn" bits are absolutely beautiful! I love fall colors and I think those will be stunning once spun up. You'll have to show us when you get around to it what they look like after you've worked your magic!

  5. I had missed the previous post about the jar, but what a brilliant idea! And the new jar is lovely, along with the matching yarn.

  6. I'm just catching up with your posts after my holiday. What a great idea those pots are. You wouldn't think they would hold so much, what a great surprise. I love what you've bought with the money, and it's going to look so jazzy nestled in that gorgeous yarn.

  7. It was great catching up with you after coming home from camping. I hope you've popped over to see my pix.. I love my iPad!!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. I shop at Along Came Polly but haven't made it to knit &natter yet. Such an amazing shop and guarantee to come away with a ball of loveliness.

    How are you managing to blog with your iPad? I'm really struggling with uploading photos and can only manage to get one on at a time for each post. Very frustrating.

    Love all your knitted projects.



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