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Thursday 25 August 2011

A Tale of a Jacket

Hello folks.
Another week gone by.
I've been dyeing some more yarn which is drying now.

The ipad cosy is coming along nicely, but I had to get another ball of yarn, this is as far as one would go. It's made in Adriafil Knitcol which I really like. I'm not sure I'd make a garment in it but for little projects like this it is just right.
Whilst trying to get things out of my wardrobe the other other day, a jacket fell on my head. (Yes my wardrobe is a mess) anyhoo with the jacket falling on me I took it as an omen and decided I needed to look at it.

Let me tell you the story.
I bought the yarn, Rowan Big Wool Fusion ~ along with lots of other people if Ravelry is anything to go by ~ in the Dunelm sale. It was £1.00 a ball.
It should have been about £6.00 a ball so I got some. It would have been rude not to. 10 balls of brown, 10 balls of blue, 10 balls of pink.
This pattern Anise from Rowan was in Simply Knitting at the time ~ January 2008 ~ so I cast on as soon as I got home. (I think I had less stash then!)
It only took a few days to make and I even made three sleeves not realising I already had two.
I excitedly sewed it together and put it on.
I hated it. I wasn't happy with my sewing up and it felt bulky and horrible. The front in the pattern is crossed over the chest and I just felt swamped by it. It had only cost me £8.00 to make so I consoled myself with that and chucked in the top of the wardrobe.
When it fell on me the other day I really looked at it really well.
The sewing up wasn't soooo bad, the colour was better than I remembered and it is the squooshiest yarn. I sewed the poppers on the front to make it meet in the middle and not cross over and found some nice wooden buttons in the button jar and do you know? It's not so bad after all.
In fact I even quite like it. Just right for the Autumn.

I got my friendship blanket squares off. These first two are lime green not khaki....
and this yellow is mustard and not bright yellow. I'm really enjoying all the new cables and I even managed to do the mustard one without a cable needle.
We've had a few days of lovely sunshine so I've been in the garden.
Drinking tea.
and ~ ahem ~ dozing too.
It's not all been doing nothing though, I went to the tip ~ sorry recycling centre ~ with this little lot.
I hate going to the tip.
A job that is on the top 10 worst things to do along with cleaning the oven and sorting out the attic.
Anyway it's done now and that's all that matters.

We're off camping for the bank holiday weekend, WITHOUT the kids, they're off to Centre Parks with their aunt so Mr CN and me are camping with S and B. That should be fun, we won't have play cricket all day to keep DS happy.
Just a bit of scrabble and crosswords.

Hope your bank holiday weekend is a good one.

Bye...................Clicky Needles.

P.S. DD has got her GCSE results. 2 As, 4 Bs and 4Cs. A in Maths. :-)
This means she has got the college place she wants.
Very Proud.


  1. The Ipad yarn is lovely, as is the jacket! At least you'll get the wear out of it now that it's getting cooler.

    I know exactly what you mean about going to the dump. It's a standing joke now that it's what I do when I'm off work! I was off a few weeks ago, the shed got cleared out, and I took three car-loads in ONE day!

  2. LittleRedDragon (Claire)25 August 2011 at 17:51

    Please pass on a huge well done from me to your DD!

  3. The jacket looks good and the iPad cosy is going to look very swish!

    Congrats to your DD :)

  4. Congrats to your DD! Have fun on the holiday.. taking that iPad with you? On our camping trip we had no internet so I didn't use mine much but to play Scrabble. Have you gotten Scrabble HD for the iPad? It's GREAT!!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. An iPad cosy is on my list of to dos, but mine will have to be crocheted as I cannot knit!!
    Love that cardi too- it's great to give things a new lease of life.

  6. What a lovely sweater! It looks very snuggley and the wooden buttons were a brilliant addition. The cozy is cute too :) I really like those colors/stripes. Your cables look so perfect on those squares. How do you do it? I've never attempted them so they still intimidate me a bit. Some day!

  7. That jacket looks great - I think it looks nicer than the crossed over versions on Rav. Have a good weekend - I'm savouring my days before school starts again!

  8. Congratulations to your DD. It's such a relief to have it all over, isn't it? Glad she's got the place she wants at college. Your jacket is lovely, it's just right for the autumn.


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