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Friday 23 August 2013

All Done.

Hello folks!

All the old carpets have gone and the new ones are down.
We filled my car and I took it to the tip.
The new carpets are ~ well beige, but they look spiffing against the newly painted skirting boards.
I love the way it looks now but I have to say it's not a process I want to be repeating any time soon.
Three bedrooms, living room, study, stairs and the cupboards and built-in wardrobes where everything gets shoved.    Everything shuffled from one room to another whilst trying to keep out of the way of the fitters. 
 I'm glad it's all over. 
 You may remember that I dropped my iPad a while back and it went over the border to Witney to get repaired.  This went well, costing £70 which seemed a good deal all round, better than buying a new one.  I decided it was time for a better case than just the pull back cover.  I had a trawl on t'internet and found something I liked on Amazon.  A few days later a lovely package arrived.

It is fabric, so I gave it a good spray with Scotch Guard.  It's from a company called Lente Designs, they have all manner of cases in lots of zingy fabrics.
 I can carry my iPad around in much more safety now :-). 
If you've followed this blog for a bit you might remember that we bought this patio set last summer.  Comfy chairs, bright and cheerful. 
We didn't have enough space in the garage to overwinter the chairs so they stayed out in the snow and weather and when we sat on them this happened.  The webbing had just disintegrated.
Luckily when we were in B&Q the other day ~ been there a lot lately, buying paint ~ we four silver replacements in the sale, just as well because I've been sitting out listening to Test Match Special again. 
England have won The Ashes now, although the play in the last Test at The Oval isn't that great and I'm not sure how they will fare in the return Ashes Series in November in Australia. 

That's all for now, I'll be back soon, maybe with some knitting.
Have fun...........Clicky Needles.


  1. I'm glad that you got your carpet sorted. Yes, it does look lovely against the white skirting! I so remember the moving of 'stuff' from one room to another! Like your iPad cover! Joan

  2. Loving the iPad cover, I could do with one of these.
    I still remember the nightmare of having new carpets fitted throughout.... Shudder... Looks so lovely when finished though so worth all the upheaval.
    Enjoy the weekend.
    Melanie x

  3. Everyone is putting in new carpet! I want that done now that we are "kitty-less" and the "box" is gone forever. Hubby is not understanding my insistence. LOVE the cover! I got one called a "clam case" with a keyboard in one side. I am excited about the new iPhone as my contract is up.. yay! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. I really like your new iPad cover, new carpet that's what we need in our place.

  5. Any sort of redecoration is such a hassle isn't it? But lovely when it's done. I really like your ipad cover, I need to find one for mine.


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