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Monday, 14 October 2013

Ally Pally

Hello Folks!

One thing I do like about October is that it's Ally Pally time.  Me and my knitting friend Romain boarded the coach with lots of other like minded knitting folk and took the trip up to London.
It was a miserable wet day but a bit of rain couldn't dampen our spirits.
Outside was a Yarn-Bombed black cab.   You can see the raindrops on the bonnet.
The jury's out on Yarn-Bombing as far as I am concerned but I love the pom-poms!
 Lovely stripyness.
Inside, the first stall we came across was Toft Alpaca, this year not many garments but loads of crocheted animals.  They were generating lots of interest.  Soooo soft.
(I didn't take this pic in sepia the light was weird.)
 The fashion students' work was as always, fabulous.
I love this cream tunic. 
 Bright crochet is getting everywhere.
 We walked around, did lots of buying and nattering, had lunch and a rest and started again.  When we came out ~ 5 hours later ~ it had stopped raining but London still looked dull in the distance.
 What did you buy? I hear you ask.  
I did very well!
Drops Delight sock yarn £2.10 per ball, £4.20 for a pair of socks ~ not bad.  I'm planning some stripy socks with these.
 Mini chicken knit kit.  Well, it was cute.
 King Cole Country Tweed, to make a hat for my friend but then.......
....I came across some Eden Cottage Yarns Maya ~ baby alpaca.
 1kg of navy blue merino, really squishy and soft.  As the hanks are slightly different colours the nice man gave to me for £12.00 for both.  
 Pretty pattern from Loop.
 Little Knitting Company fuchsia pink angora, this is to make some handless mitts for me to wear whilst working on the computer.  I had really cold hands the other day.
And lastly a pretty felt ball necklace.  I'm a real sucker for felt balls and it is lime green so resistance was futile.
So that's it. 
 A really tiring but fabby day.  The show was the busiest I've ever seen it.  Heaving.

Righto I'm off to wind the Alpaca into a yarn cake.
See you soon, with Mr Clicky's Russia snaps.

As always have fun.
Bye for now....................Clicky Needles.


  1. Fun!!! I'm so glad you enjoyed your time in London and found such lovely treasures to bring home. ( I am especially fond of the chicken :)
    Gracie xx

  2. Looks a lovely day out :)

    I was offered a lift but my bank balance was too low to take up on it :(

  3. It really was heaving but worth it! My yarn buying was the same Eden Cottage skein and plenty of patterns and ideas! Good company though!

  4. Lovely finds and it sounds like a fantastic even to visit.

  5. Sounds like you had a great day. lovely thing you have.

  6. Which day did you go? I was there on Sunday, helping at the UK Handknitting Association stall (in the Palm Court, we were teaching knitting/crochet and had a woodland picknit theme). It was so wet we had a couple of leaks from the glass roof and ended up with buckets all around the stall ;-)
    I loved those cuddly animals at Toft Alpaca! Your chicken kit is great...

    1. We went on Sunday. bad news about the leaks, it really was hammering down.

  7. You lucky thing! Looks like you had a great time....and it would have been bad form to come back empty-handed ;-) !


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