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Friday, 9 May 2014

Garage Sorting

Hello Folks.

Before I get going, I was of course, at Wonderwool and not Woolfest last week.  Woolfest is in Cumbria and hasn't happened yet.  I was definitely in Wales ~ thanks to Romain, who was with me for pointing that out.

We spent the Bank Holiday Weekend sorting out our garage.   It is a single garage and I guess like lots of other peoples', in need of a good sort out, reorganise, and chuck away of some of the 'Stuff.'

We bought some BigDug racking, and picked it up form nearby Tewkesbury.
We assembled it first.  It is very easy to put together, the uprights are slotted and the horizontals have a tab which you slot in and tap firmly with a mallet.

We made a workbench and two shelving units.
Then everything came out of the garage.  This is a small proportion of what was in it, there is lots more behind the car, you can't see.
The 'Stuff" was culled and lots taken to the tip, and what we put back in ~ in an orderly fashion ~ is needed and wanted. Mr Clicky used the pine shelves you can see above and put them above 'his' workbench and is planning to add some spot lights too.  He's  also put lots of nails in the walls to hang tools on.  I caught him when we were done, standing admiring his handiwork!  A hard day's work, but well worth it.

At the moment there is a tiler laying tiles in our hallway, so I'll show you them soon.  

Bye for now...............Clicky Needles.


  1. Very good. A job well done. As long as you didn't throw out anything useful. Xx

  2. Sounds like a massive amount of work, no wonder Mr Clicky was happy, I bet that you were too! Hope that you enjoy using the space more now that it is organised so well. xx

  3. Yay for tidying, it is spring after all. I found this post quite inspiring, think I'll go and tidy something.


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