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Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Hi There!

Sunshine made the promised appearance last weekend. 

I started the weekend with a bowl of porridge in the garden.  It was lovely and peaceful, just being surrounded with birdsong.  
You remember that Miss Clicky passed her driving test?  She's been hunting for a car and found one in the next county down, Wiltshire.   Our journey took us past Cotswold Airport which had some commercial and RAF planes waiting to be broken up and scrapped.  Cotswold Airport is used because it had a long enough runway for a Jumbo Jet to land.  In years gone by The Red Arrows were stationed here. 
You come around a corner and you are confronted by the bizarre sight of two Jumbos, with various parts missing.  It's kinda sad to see them like this being stripped, but I suppose everything gets reused one way or another. 
Anyhow, a little later, we arrived back home with Miss Clicky's new car.  She loves it very much and is getting used to driving it.
The rest of the weekend I pottered around the garden, pulled a few weeds ~ but if I'm honest not very many, and took the camera out.  Aquilegia, double
and single.
The alliums are stunning.
Perennial Wallflower.
May Blossom on the hawthorn which hangs over our wall.

 Clematis Montana.  Ubiquitous, but lovely all the same.
Two final things, a yummy plate of fresh local asparagus 
 and cherries.
I'll see you next week, I'm popping over to our house in France, with our friends for a long weekend.  As alway there is work to be done, but I'm sure it'll be fun all the same.   I'm not driving, so lots of stripey sock knitting!

See you soon.........Clicky Needles


  1. Mmm, cherry season! That wallflower looks very like what we call Dame's Rocket. Enjoy your trip to France. :)

  2. Lovely flowers! Hope that Miss C likes her new car. xx

  3. Your first car is so special. We just got a car for my 17 year old, he was using his older brothers much of the past year. It is such a milestone for them.
    Be well,

  4. Imagining you having a lovely time in France, Mrs. CN :) Loved seeing some of your gorgeous flowers, your daughter's first car, and the retired planes. I hope to knit some rows on my taking forever to make blanket today. xx


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