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Friday, 16 May 2014

Yaay! Hall Tiled!

Hello folks!

I can't tell you how pleased I am with our new hall floor.   The carpet that was there was threadbare and dirty.  That was pulled up earlier this year (in an effort to make us do something) and there were (not nice) vinyl tiles underneath.  The hours, aches and sore knees it took to get the vinyl tiles up are now worth it.
Our new floor is making me very happy.  The porcelain tiles were bought last year ~ about October ~ they were piled up in the dining room waiting for something to happen.  At Christmas I chucked a table cloth over them, I didn't want to see them whilst eating Christmas Dinner!  Have I mentioned that I'm pleased?  I'm grinning like a Cheshire Cat.
Another job off the list!  Mr Clicky has been back in the garage putting up more shelves, I think we're on a roll, with a fair wind we might even put up the new outside light!

I also tackled this pile of frogged cardi which I was knitting 5 or so years ago.   I was making this in pink with a green frill.  It didn't go well, the main reason being yarn running out.  I feel out of love with it and frogged it.  The yarn has been hanging around ever since.
I've now rewound it all and at least I'll be able to store it better, without the fear of it all tangling up.

The weather men are predicting scorchio weather this weekend, so if you want me, I'll be in the garden.

Hope you have a great weekend too..............Clicky Needles.


  1. Well done . It's such an effort to do these things but worth it when done!! Enjoy sun. Xxxx

  2. Love the floor.

  3. The new floor looks really great!! Hope that you love it. xx

  4. Wow! The floor looks amazing!! So much easier to keep clean and mud-free! That yarn is also very WOW! Methinks you need to start something with it.... x

  5. The floor has turned out very nice. Love the
    colours of those yarns. Another project in the
    making? lol
    Cheers, Anita.

  6. Your floor is lovley, well worth the wait and the effort.

    Your yarn is very pretty.


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