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Sunday, 8 November 2015


Hello there.

It had been a dreary weekend.  The raindrops have been chasing down the window.  Mr Clicky tried to take the dog for a walk in a bit of mild rain.  They walked 100 metres up the road and the dog looked up at Mr Clicky, turned on his heels and came back home.
I have been knitting, making Christmas Cards, making more decorations and reading my Christmas Ideal Home Magazine.   There are lots of inspiring Christmas rooms to make, which I love reading about but don't really manage to replicate!
 The magazine also has a calendar, another good reason for buying it.  January's snowy picture is beautiful.  I wish I was like that just now.  Not warm and miserable rain. It's not really cold enough to light the woodburner so I can't even cheer myself up with that.
That's me for now, have a super week.

Clicky Needles


  1. I understand clicky dogs feelings! That would be my thoughts too. Stay inside and read your Christmas magazines! xx

  2. Yes, I agree with Amy :) It rained here across the pond as well and we are looking forward to Christmas celebration, however are in the midst of celebrating a string of family birthdays and a wedding anniversary. Wishing you a happy week xx

  3. Hi - Just popped over from Amy's blog and have enjoyed having a read. It is a really wet Wednesday morning here in Cumbria. I love Christmas magazines although magazines in general are my weakness. Joan at

  4. Hi, hope this finds you well, wondered if you could pop over to my blog and send me a e mail so we can exchange addresses for the swap. Maria xx

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