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Sunday, 29 November 2015


Hello there.

Master Clicky had a rugby match this morning for his Colts team.  A few weeks ago it looked like the team might fold but we managed to turn a team out today.  It was windy, not just a bit windy, really windy.  The type of wind that makes birds fly backwards, and the marker flags go horizontal and the posts flap in an alarming way. 
 The game was well played with some flourishes from both sides.  He was playing a different position this time ~ flanker, so he was in the scrum, if you look carefully you can see those pink boots.  
The pink boots have turned out to be really good ~ they are so bright you can always tell where he is on the pitch.

Master Clicky's team won, he scored a try and was voted player of the match by his team.  This is the first time in all his rugby playing years he's had this honour.  He was dead chuffed and I am one very proud mum.

I was less chuffed as the winner of man of the match gets to wash the team's kit.  As I type it is going through the wash for a second time ~ it came out with mud stains on the first time.
I've done a bit of Christmas shopping, and came across this violin playing tight-rope walker on Thursday night in Cheltenham.
  He was a brilliant musician and I was in awe of him.
I bought a few presents ~ not as many as I would have liked but there you go.  I have nearly finished getting my 12 Days of Christmas Swap things together, I shall wrap tomorrow night.

That's me for now, there's some washing to deal with.

See you soon...................Clicky Needles.


  1. Congrats to your son, that is a high honor. Now for those clothes.......

  2. Yay, for your son...and cheers for you helping with his reward :) I hope you enjoy your Christmas activities, I am having fun plotting and planning! xx


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