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Friday, 6 May 2016

Bryan Adams at The Genting Arena

Hello there!

I was lucky enough to see Bryan Adams last Saturday.  There is a story involved so I must tell you.  I was watching the New Year celebrations on the BBC ~ on my own, Mr Clicky had given up and gone to bed at 10.30 ~ when Bryan Adams came on stage.  I'd seen him in back in the day ~ 25 years ago ~ twice, and he is a brilliant performer so I thought I'd have a look on line for concert tickets.  There were about a dozen tickets left at The Genting Arena, NEC.   I got 3 seats next to each other, saw the New Year in, and went to bed an excited bunny. 

I then needed to find two other people to go with me.  Mr Clicky wasn't too bothered so the next option was to delve into my past and find some old friends to go with.  Actually it wasn't too difficult, I got in touch with the two people I had gone with before.  My friend C that I have known since I was in playgroup and another friend R; we spent our early 20s together, before we had families and responsibilities, getting each into and out of scrapes and generally having a good laugh.   

I contacted them, we met up, had a whale of a time and looked forward to the concert.    The Monday before the concert I had a very annoyed phone call from R.  He is a lifelong Cheltenham Town Football supporter and they have just won the National League and will be promoted to The Football League.  The match on Saturday should have been finished before the concert and we could go on after.  He really wanted to go as the Trophy was being presented in front of the home fans.  Even though the match was not televised BT Sport decided that they wanted the match played at 5.30pm, too late to get to the concert.  I started phoning everybody I could think of to take the ticket but they were all busy.  It looked like just the two of us going.  

The next day I was minding my own business next to the crisps in Tesco, when I heard a voice behind me.  It was another friend from the same gang of friends from 25 years ago.  After we picked ourselves up off the floor ~ not seen her since our wedding ~ we got nattering and she was free Saturday.  The spare ticket was taken!

The journey up the motorway was taken up with three girls chattering about the past.
We were on the banking but had a fabulous view.

 Bryan Adams is amazing performer.  His voice is still brilliant and his guitar playing even better than I remember.   The last time I went to a concert and we needed to light things up, we used cigarette lighters! today, it's a phone.  How things have changed.  

We had a wonderful, if slightly surreal time, with lots of boogieing and loads of singing, although you couldn't hear us as Bryan Adams was so much louder.

Happy Days.

See you soon.......Clicky Needles.


  1. I'm so happy for you that you got the tickets and found your old friends to go with you.. sounds like a wonderful time. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Well done! I'm glad you had a good time, Mrs. C. xx

  3. I love Brian Adams, Cut Like A Knife was the first video I ever saw and I was a little bit in love with him after I saw it.


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