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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Bank Holiday Weekend

Hello there!

I'm very pleased to tell you that we survived our school residential trip.  Most of the children tried most of the activities.  We have been windsurfing (a real hit), climbing, abseiling, kayaking down the River Avon,  fencing,  team work and cooperation games, singing songs around the campfire, transporting water filled balloons in boxes without bursting, eating great food and mostly laughing.   We had one or two a bit homesick but we were so busy the others forgot about home.  They were much fun and a pleasure to be with.

When I arrived back the first thing I did was to have a bath, you know the thing, lots of bubbles, with my inflatable bath pillow, I got so relaxed I feel asleep and woke up floating, the strangest feeling.

The bank holiday weekend found me mainly in my favourite place in the garden on my steamer chair with some knitting and a mug of tea.
The alliums around me are looking stunning.  I never tire of them.
I've picked up the collar on my Driftwood jumper, which is nearly finished but when I pulled it out of the project bag....
.......this happened.  I suspect the grey yarn which has been in my stash for quite sometime has had an attack of the moths.  Consequently the jumper and the spare yarn has all gone on the freezer which should kill off anybody still lurking.  How annoying.
Whilst it's chilling, I'm carrying on with my ravello top which probably looks the same as the last time I showed you.  I ripped back all the ginger yarn and some of the stripes because it was too big.  So I'm reknitting. *sigh*  It's my own fault I really should follow the pattern instead of thinking I know better.
Mr Clicky is away in Chicago again so I'm having quiet half term.  Might get my sewing machine out tomorrow.

See you soon................Clicky Needles.


  1. Shame about the sleeve on that sweater, I hope you manage to fix it.

  2. It sounds like you survived admirably...and is no wonder you fell asleep in the bath and found yourself floating after your rigorous schedule! Your knitting skills are so stellar I expect you will figure a way around the results of the moth attack, but I am sorry for the attack none the less. Hope you had a happy school break. I just got back from ten days camping ...mostly off the grid. I had a great time, but am now especially appreciative of running water and electricity :) xx


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