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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Yarn Therapy

You know how it is.

You come home from a week of SATs testing at school. The kids performed brilliantly but the teachers are scratchy.  When on playground duty you can't be bothered to use your superhuman negotiating skills to calm down playground squabbles and yell "Oh why can't you just be NICE TO EACH OTHER."

When you get home the sun is shining and a grey, squashy parcel awaits you.
 There's a glimpse of yarny loveliness.   It's from Woolwarehouse.  Drops sale.
 You get the yarn out and play with it.  Make it into pretty patterns.
Like this.
 And this.
 And this.
You squash it, put it against your neck to feel alpacaery softness.  Smell it, (don't judge me, we all do it.)  Look at the pattern you have in mind, try to resist casting on and exhale deeply.

Equilibrium restored.  
Yarn Therapy. 

See you soon.......Clicky Needles


  1. I love the colors of your yarn.. what are you going to make with it? I bet you're looking forward to summer break? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. I enjoyed your account of your yarn therapy, Mrs. C. :) It will be fun to see what you decide to cast on. Happy knitting! xx

  3. I can't believe you bought more yarn!!

  4. don't we all love a bit of yarn therapy.A couple of weeks ago I bought some alpaca lace weight and I just couldn't stop squishing it.I nearly kept like it was just for a bit of therapy rather than winding it!
    My daughter is a Yr 6 teacher and my granddaughter has been doing SATs so I have been in the zone.Thank goodness it is over.Sarah has taught Yr 6 for 13 years and has asked for a move.She is going to Reception!!!Watch this space!!

  5. There is nothing like a yarn treat to make your troubles fall away. Your colors are beautiful and I have to admit I smell yarn too, I rub it against my cheek to check for softness.


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