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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Bunting Fun

Hello there.

It turns out that Mr Clicky isn't coming home until Monday.  He did tell me but I had forgotten.  Miss Clicky is camping in Cornwall and Master Clicky has been playing cricket all weekend so that leaves me and the dog.  It has been peaceful. 

Me, Miss Clicky and her friend are going to Nibley Festival in a few weeks time.  I am equally excited and scared but it is a family festival so hopefully I can cope with it!  I've never been to a music festival before and we are going for 2 nights.  It is run by the little village it's in, the school PTA do the food and barbecues, the village shop have a sweetie stall, it's a local affair.  The headline act are Scouting for Girls ~ love them ~ and there are loads of local acts.  

We've bought a new tent and I thought it needed some decorating so I got my sewing machine out and got stuck into some bunting.

It is very girly but that was the fabric I had.  They are 30cm squares sold in a colour pack, so co-ordinate well.

I used my sleeve ironing board which is brilliant for small projects.  I got from it from Amazon and for £6.60 you can't go wrong.  
A few hours later........ta dah!!!!!!!
I really enjoyed making it.  I'm thinking we'll put it down the guy ropes of our tent and then we might not trip over them when we've been on the cider.
I still have a triangle left from each of the fabric squares, so I think I'll make more today with different fronts and backs.
Happy Days.
See you soon.....................Clicky Needles.


  1. I think you're going to have the prettiest tent at the festival. I've never been to a festival before either but a family one, like the one you're going to, sounds lovely. Enjoy the rest of your peaceful weekend before the family descend back on you.

  2. Time alone and a fun bunting, what could be better?

  3. That will be so neat to have a decorated tent.. that way you won't lose it. I did rainbow crocheted bunting for our dining canopy for camp.. love it. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. How bizarre (coincidental) that I've just read your post during an ad break in the Sky Arts channel's coverage of this year's Isle of Wight festival (Queen with Adam Lambert were the headline act). Have a fab time; your tent is going to look fantastic with that bunting attached to it :)

  5. Great bunting! I hope that you have a great time!

  6. Brilliant bunting, I saw some similar at a wedding the other day, it looked really effective. Great idea for putting it down the guy ropes so you don't fall over them! I hope you have a brilliant time. CJ xx

  7. The bunting is beautiful! I have never made any of any sort and admire yours very much...and a great idea for its useful placement to warn off tripping :) xx


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