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Tuesday, 11 October 2016

A Ta-Dah!

Hello folks.  

At last, pictures of my Fabulous Stripy Cardi.  The pattern is Mon Petit Gilet Raye by Isabelle Milleret,  the yarn, Drops Alpaca and the stripes, Drops Delight.

This cardi was started in *Ahem* March 2014 and finished in May 2016.  It was started, altered and ripped back, thrown in the naughty corner and finally pulled out and finished.  
As the weather has got chillier I wore it the other evening and realised I hadn't shown it off yet.  Both the yarns are wonderfully soft and cosy warm and I am loving wearing it.
I made mine longer than the pattern and added extra increases to the yolk which upon reflection, I don't think I'll do again.  
I sewed in a piece of stabilising velvet ribbon in the back of the neck to stop it pulling down too much.
 I've just cast another on, this time in blues and grey.  Should be a quicker job this time but could be famous last words!
Have a fun week............Clicky Needles


  1. For all the difficulty you had with this cardigan, it has turned out awesome!! It has a neat, clean look to it, and a fantastic finished item to wear. Power to you for charging on with it!!!!

  2. Such a great feeling to finish an old project and one that you have customised along the way.
    I really like the idea of a top down cardigan but they all look too open at the neck, you wear them because it is cold , a bit strange to have the neckline so big.

    1. You're right Margaret, that's the trouble with a yolked top down knit nothing to stop it getting saggy. I think I prefer a top down raglan style, much better at staying put!

    2. I often put in some short rows at the back of a top-down sweater or cardigan (raglan as well as circular yoke) to lift the back neck up a few rows higher than the front. I've got yarn to make one of these cardigans (Drops - Delight and the alpaca/silk mix), but haven't got round to casting on yet, or looking at the pattern to check the sizing. Yours looks lovely :)

  3. I totally understand about throwing knitting in the naughty corner, been there and done that far too many times, but oh my gosh this cardi is gorgeous, so glad you finished it. areal gem of a make x

  4. Wonderful! And you give me hope for all my WIP! Thanks! :)

  5. It's lovely. I'm a big fan of stripes. I've never used Drops Alpaca before but I've just cast something on with it and I really like it, it's lovely and soft so I can just imagine how cosy your cardi is.

  6. Oooh that is one gorgous knit, Clicky :-D Stripes are a classic and I love that velvet ribbon detail - absolutely perfect!

  7. This is gorgeous, and the colours are beautiful.

  8. The cardi is nice! Pretty colours ♥

  9. It is perfect! I am so glad you pulled it out of the naughty corner because time out did it good and made ti behave so you could finish it.
    Well done.


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