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Monday, 31 October 2016

Autumn Walks

Hello Folks.

I've had a lovely half term, bit of pottering, bit of knitting, bit of sewing, late night tv watching and lie-ins.
The list as long as my arm didn't really get ticked off but never mind.  I have however, been enjoying taking the dog for walks through the woods 5 minutes walk from home.
 We are so lucky to have wonderful beech woods so close.  Very English, full of bluebells in the spring and wonderful shades of orange in the Autumn.
 The dog (Tipper) couldn't understand why we kept stopping for photos.
AGAIN??????  I want to explore.

The colours were so beautiful.  I love this time of the year.

See you soon with the sewing that I got up to.

Bye for now..........................Clicky Needles.


  1. You have some beautiful woods to walk through.. is that English Ivy growing up the trees? That stuff will choke and kill the trees. Loved the fall leaves. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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