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Monday 24 October 2016

More Stripes

 Hello Folks!

I'm wondering when my stripes obsession will end.  It shows no sign of stopping yet.  On my (four) needles at the moment is a scarf.  60 stitches in the round making a dreamy warm tube of Alpaca and Wool.  Yes, it's Drops again.  Come to think of it I have a Drops obession too. 

 The needles are 4mm and the yarn 4ply, so the fabric is open, but that's just fine.  The lovely rhythm of going round and round and round........................  As this is a small project it can also come my emergency knitting for all those times when you are sitting somewhere ~ traffic jam, dentist, lunch time ~ with your fingers itching for something to occupy them.
 Of course, the true joy of stripes, be it in socks or a scarf, is thinking about the next colour and how that's going to look,  "I'll just finish this colour before I go to bed."  We all do it. 

I am making this right now because I snapped one of my needles on my blue stripy cardi ~ which 
co-incidentally is the same yarn as this scarf.  Well I say I snapped it ~ I put it down on the sofa to make a cup of tea and the dog jumped onto the knitting and snapped it.  This is, obviously, completely my fault and  I can't be cross with him.
Half term is here and I've finished off the bit of patchwork I was doing on my new sewing machine.  You'll notice this is not a close up shot because it is a fairly gash bit of sewing and is never going to win a prize.  I made it double sided, shoved a bit of wadding in and quilted it around the hexagons.  Don't really know what I am doing in the world of patchwork, and I'm not entirely sure I should be in it either.
Anyhoo my machine can sit on it and I used up some fabric I've had for 25/30 years so it's not all bad.
So there we are, it's now gone midday and I'm still trying to get Master Clicky out of bed.  I've played Black Eyed Peas' "I've gotta feeling," at him, full blast, but it's not moved him.  Annoyed him a lot though, and that's what being a parent is all about.

See you soon...........Clicky Needles.


  1. I have a thing for snapping needles rather a lot lately :) Every project I get into and snap my needle goes. I like your patchwork and think you have done a good job. I like how you are combining varigated wool with plain wool on your scarf. Happy half term xxx

  2. I think the patchwork looks great.It is a shame to hide it under the sewing machine.Enjoy half term.

  3. He looks very contrite...I am certain it was all just a dreadful accident. I just posted a photo of my first machine sewn patchwork squares on my new to me sewing machine and I am more impressed with your work than mine! Happy Half Term! xx

  4. Love sock yarn, you never know how the colour will pool in different parts of your sock, they are a good size for grab and go and the needles are compact too.
    Your little patchwork is so cute and very sewing machine mechanic said most timing problems are from not having a pad under your machine to stop any vibration, so if you have a cover (that's a fun project ) to keep out the dust and a pad your machine will need less services or repairs.

  5. I am loving those stripes, using the variegated yarn is a brilliant way to make them.

  6. I need to try that grey and variegated strip thing it looks fabulous - If only my knitting arm would get better. Jo x


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