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Sunday, 14 April 2019

Back Safe and Sound.

Hello All.

Well I arrived back in the UK safely, and this flight was only a little late.  I came back on an A380, the world's largest passenger plane, with roughly only a third of the passengers.  
We boarded and the cabin staff made an announcement telling us we could sit wherever we fancied as there was a lack of passengers.

 I didn't need to move because I already had a row to myself, the next seat proved to be useful as a drinks tray.  Can I point out here I only asked for a Gin and Tonic, but was given more. 
Sadly though, even with my seat fully reclined, sleep on this night flight, proved elusive.  It took a week to get back into the correct kilter, I was definitely off.

In my last post I promised some knitting news.  With all the airport waiting/flying/not sleeping I finished off my Pink Guacamole socks.  
I love that I have got two pairs of socks from 100g of yarn.  I also think I like these mash-ups more than the original.

That lovely stripy Drops cardigan took a turn for the worst.  
The sleeves were far too tight, I thought it might turn out ok when I joined them to body ~ bottom up pattern ~ but unfortunately it didn't.  The next size up was only two more stitches on the sleeve, not much in 4ply, so it has been frogged.  

Instead I have found a new pattern called Climb Every Mountain by Heidi Kirrmaler.  It's a kind of poncho/jumper thing.

Progress on that is a bit slow because I visited my lovely knitting pal Romain the other day.  We had tried to meet up before I went went away but she has had flu and is still feeling a bit rubbish.  She had, however, started a Diagonapples scarf, the pattern calls for Appletons Tapestry Wool.  It is a garter stitch scarf knit on the bias using lots of different colours.   When I saw her's I was hooked; we are both using 4ply mini skeins rather than tapestry wool.  

My mini skeins came from the Wrigglefingers stall at Wonderwool, last year,
and the year before.
It's going to be bright, that's for sure.
Romain gave me little present too, a key ring with a some mini crochet hooks on 'in case of emergency.'  How cute!  I'm putting my car keys on it.
I was looking randomly through Pinterest the other day and was led to some cord (I can't remember how I ended up there, but that's Pinterest for you.)  This came from Amazon, there are some lovely colours there, I was planning to use it to re-thread some old necklaces that had broken.
Whilst I was looking for said broken necklaces, I came across some little wooden beads that I had.
I spent the next twenty minutes or so making a new jolly necklace, which I'm wearing now.  The broken necklaces?  Not sure where they are.
The last thing to show you are these lovely wooden cotton reels I picked up the other day in Stroud.
They are sitting on my desk, I'm not sure I will use the cotton but for now I'm just enjoying them.
Well, that's me for now, I'm sure there's a whole lot of things that I should be doing...........

Bye for now...................Clicky Needles.

P.S.  As I was finishing this post I received this picture from Mr Clicky from our apartment just outside Chicago. 
A few weeks ago I was sitting on the balcony in the sunshine. It had been warming up nicely.  He's not happy.


  1. good to have you home safely.....and what lovely socks! I'm sorry ot read of Romain's flu - those colours will surely cheer her up!

  2. Great to be on a nearly empty plane!

    I'm going to be watching your poncho sweater with great interest. I want to try something similar.

  3. You're so lucky for the empty plane.. the last flights I've had over the years are over-booked and crowded to the max. I bet you're glad you missed the snow in Chi-town! Love the little skeins and the bright colors. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. A shame you couldn't sleep during your flight back to the UK, but how nice to have a row of seats to yourself. I've got that stripy cardigan in my favourites as a possible knit for DD2, so I shall have a look at the pattern and do some maths after your trouble with it. I made the Climb Every Mountain sweater a few years ago and remember having to fudge it a bit as I wanted it longer than the pattern stated because of the YO increases but I think I put some notes on my Rav project page if you wanted to have a look. I like the look of that diagonal scarf and love the colours you're using.

    1. I remember you making it Christine, I think we have similar tastes! I'll have a look on your Rav page, thanks.

  5. Sorry you couldn't sleep on your night flight, did you know that you can lift all armrests and sleep across all 3 seats. ☺I used to Nanny and we traveled with 4 kids...getting them to sleep was vital !
    Love your socks, will try the added colour to my next pairs.

    1. Yes I do know that arm rests come up, sadly on the A380 they don't go all the way! They stay about 3/4 way up making things even more uncomfortable.

  6. Glad you are home safe and sound and that your trip was wonderful. Poor Mr Clicky with that winter weather, but that is the north for you. I am in love with your socks with the pink toes and heel, they might be my favorite socks ever. I just think they are fantastic. Good luck with that beautiful new sweater and scarf.

  7. I saw lots of little mini skeins in bags at Wonderwool, they actually attracted my girls everytime but I didn't know what I could make with them - there is an idea for my knitting queue. I LOVE those socks, the mixed ones are better. Jo xx


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