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Monday, 27 January 2020

Meet Minty

Hello Folks.

As the weather this Sunday was predicted to be miserable (what the weather man actually said) I decided to make the day a sewing day.  Before I show you what I got up to I realise that I haven't yet introduced you to Minty.

Minty is a 1967 white Singer Featherweight that I bought from a wonderful man about 45 minutes drive away from me.  Sadly, his wife had died, she used to own a needlecraft shop and their home was filled with antiques of all sorts and lots of sewing and knitting things.  He made me a cup of tea, played me a song on the Jukebox in the dining room and I spent most of my time saying, "oooo" or "wow" or "oh my, you've got a ........."

Minty dates from 1967 which is the same year as me and although she is a officially called a white Singer, there is definitely a tinge of green in the paintwork.  They are quite often called Celery or Mint.

I came away with other treasures as well.  A Vulcan chainstitch toy machine from the 1950s which needs a little work to get it working.

An enamel Singer sign.

And a beautiful set of Sylko drawers

Complete with a rainbow of threads.  I love these drawers so much.

Anyhoo back to my Sunday.  I spent 4 hours cutting out squares for a quilt I am making for my very good friend.  The blocks are a Christmas Tree and the quilt is called Holiday Patchwork Forest.  Pattern here.

I strip pieced with Minty.
I love strip piecing, so quick and easy.

After some more joining and pressing, I'm almost up to single bed size.  Although this is a Christmassy theme I have used reds/pinks/greys/greens and only used one Christmassy print.

Whilst cutting the squares I cut double, so my next pile to sew is almost ready to go.

I visited Miss Clicky and Baby Needles today and i was able to take over this hat and cardigan that I have just finished.  

The cardigan is the same pattern as the one I made just before Christmas minus the eyelets and with a contrast row of purl.  Sadly the other cardigan didn't survive the washing machine.  My fault, I thought the yarn was machine washable, but the felted cardigan said otherwise.  This set is made in Drops Karisma so is definitely machine washable.

Lastly that lovely bright yarn I showed you last time?  Not a temperature blanket, which I would love to be making but it is a bit tricky with being away, it's a blanket for Baby Needles for when she is in her buggy.

That's me for now, I am confined to barracks tomorrow because my car is in the garage, so I'm thinking of a bit more sewing.  What will you be up to?

See you soon...........Clicky Needles.


  1. Love Minty. I'll bet he has done a lot of work. Its nice that he will be reloved. I'm envious of your Silko drawers. Almost to good to use. Baby Needles will be snuggly in that cardi and cute hat!

  2. Oh my goodness, how on earth could you choose just a few treasures? Well done on your choices, I had one of those toy machines but actually did most of my sewing on Mum's treacle.
    There really is nothing like the old machines, my one and only now is a 1968 model Bernina which is so well built, purrs along and sews beautifully.
    What a lovely quilt for your friend, such a joy to have an exciting project to work on.
    Sorry about the felted cardy, maybe teddy would like to wear it, my little grandson desperately wanted socks and I knew they wouldn't be hand washed so I knitted a test sqare and we threw it in a normal load with normal detergent and the before and after trace outline were the same so no felting.Good to be able to knit in confidence. Mostly it is time in the dryer that does the damage.
    Having said all of that, it really is the luck of the draw, I bought a ball of pure wool "hand wash only warm water" wanting to knit a large flat top beanie shape to be felted into a storage basket...all my many and varied attempts at felting that thing failed miserably , no shrinking, no felting at all...didn't try a dryer as I don't have one.

    Have fun with your inside sewing day with much progress.

  3. I'm glad you adopted his wife's beloved machine.. and bravo for being able to bring more things home, too. I'm sure his wife would approve of their new home.. in your own museum. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. What an adorable machine, and obviously in good working order! The chainstitch machine is fascinating. And the quilt and baby cardigan are so cute. You've been very productive!


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