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Friday, 15 May 2020

Another Week Passes

Hello All!

Well I'm pleased everybody else is as confused as me when it comes to the day of the week.  Thankfully I remembered the bins and didn't wake up early which was a bonus.

In the supermarket last week the first peonies of the year.  These ones a delicate single flower, not that I knew that when I bought them, those buds were held tight.

On the wall behind you can see my new tea towel.  I was browsing on-line for orange tea towels to go with my kitchen when I came across this one.  I bought it to use, well, as a tea towel but I decided to use it as art instead.  The line at the bottom says 'Think about that the next time you sling me around like a useless rag.'  Still nothing for wiping up though.

The garden is looking good, as they always do in spring.   I still can't believe that this time last year it looked like this.
Today, this.  There are lots of gaps to fill, the garden centres here opened this week, but I'll leave it for a bit before going.

There are some lovely flowers appearing.  The alliums which I dug up are bursting purple.

These are Allium Sensation.

Allium cristophii, when this comes out fully, it will be the football sized.
And one given to me by my neighbour who has since moved, I think it is called Ivory Queen.

This is in the white border, last year looking like this
Now, after some hard graft.

The hawthorn tree that we planted over our wall as a tiny seedling 20 years ago is also in full flower.  This is excellent at stopping the footballs coming over.  
I got down to cementing in the washing line this week.  Why didn't you do when you laid the turf last year? I hear you ask.  Well, the answer is, I did.  The spike in the ground was only about 20cm, and I questioned at the time whether this would be enough to hold a load of washing and not fall over, but I followed the instructions to the letter.  Guess what?  It fell over.  I finally got round to digging a bigger hole, and put loads and loads of cement in it.  I am pleased to report that it is staying put.   Washing on the line.  This makes me happy.

It was the kids' birthdays this week.  Miss Clicky was 25 and Master Clicky 21.  Master Clicky works in an engineering company and is still at work.   He made Brownies and a Victoria Sponge to take in for his colleagues.  They were a great success.  No family celebrations at the moment but when we get back together again, I'm sure there will be some.

When I started this post I was planning on showing some making too, but the garden has taken over, so that'll be next time.

Stay safe my friends.......Clicky Needles.


  1. Your garden's looking fabulous. I think those of us with a garden are very thankful for them at the moment. Our children are the same ages, mine slightly older than yours as Daniel was 25 in February and Eleanor will be 22 in July.

  2. I especially enjoyed the before and after pictures of your garden. Your hard work has sure paid off! Your gardens are really looking nice! Thanks for sharing!

  3. great job on the washing line! I like the looks of your white garden wall. Will look forward to your makes! I also like the red tea towel.

  4. So lovely to see your garden thriving and looking good, we are heading to Winter so anything risky is up on the deck and behind full cafe blinds at night .

  5. Wow.. your yard is looking fabulous and your hard work shows! Bravo!! I can see how much your will enjoy it a lot this summer. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Your garden looks amazing! You have done such an incredible job. Happy Spring and Happy Birthday to your wonderful children.


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