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Friday, 3 July 2020

Making and Finishing

Hello Folks.

Firstly I need to say a big thank you to all the comments on my Scavenger Hunt post.  I am definitely carrying on with The Hunt and I love seeing other's pictures.

How are you doing?  I'm a bit meh!  Mr Clicky was going to return home a few weeks back to renew his work permit which runs out soon, but as President Trump declared a suspension of Aliens and Visas we decided it will be safer for him to stay in the US (if he came to the UK could he get back to US?) and apply there.  We changed his flight just 3 days before he was due home.  We have no idea if he will be able to remain working in the US, even though our Visa still has 2 years to run, and as a family we don't know when we will see him again either.

I've been making and finishing things off; keeping busy.  I got my Featherweight out to finish off a bag that I made for Miss Clicky when I was in Illinois with Mr Clicky last summer.

I was inspired by the wonderful Jenny Doan from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.  I used her Tote Charm Bag.  I love her tutorials, she has a lovely relaxed way of teaching.  I had hoped to visit Hamilton Missouri and it's 12 quilt stores this year, as it's a doable 7 hour drive from our apartment but that might not happen.

Anyway, this is the bag I made using a charm pack which I bought in Hobby Lobby.  It has cute forest animals, foxes, birds, rabbits etc.  When I saw it I knew that Miss Clicky would love it.

The bag was really quick and easy to make using Jenny's instructions.  I added three pockets inside using some contrasting fat quarters, also from Hobby Lobby.

I thought Miss Clicky could use it as a smaller changing bag for Baby Needles rather than the huge one she has, but when I gave it to her I realised that it needed a zip.  I do not like putting in zips, however hard I try they usually end up wonky.  I wasn't sure that I could retro fit one and it has taken nearly a year for me to get round to doing this.  Luckily I bought a small piece of the lining fabric back with me so used this to bind the ends of the zip and bodged the sewing, not the neatest job but it does the job.

Another bit of finishing I have is a Ravello jumper by Isabel Kraemer, that I started in March 2016.  It's a top down, fingering/sport weight raglan.   When I made this I faffed a lot, tried it on, made it bigger, finished one sleeve but not the other and shoved it a cupboard where it has remained for 4 years.  A few weeks ago I pulled it out and looked at it again.
Because it's been neglected in the back of the cupboard it has a moth hole in the front which I darned up.  Can you see it?  Sure you can, but it's ok.
Of course, it only took me a few evenings to complete.  For the remaining sleeve I used magic loop rather than 5 needles and it was much easier.
I really like the rib, 2 knit, 1 purl.  
So what do I think of this?  Well, it is too baggy and I'm not sure about where the stripes stop; my fault because I made it bigger, the sleeves are too short, also my fault.   This will be a jumper to wear around the house.  Has this put me off the pattern?  Well, no.  I have cast on another! 

This time I am making the next size up, and just knitting!  I haven't tried it on, I'm just going for it.  I'm using the lovely Drops Nord for this, a sport weight Alpaca/Wool mix.  Soft, light and warm.

This jumper is looking much better.

Last week I noticed on Facebook that a local farm was doing organic milk deliveries in our area.  I thought I would give it a go.  The farm is 13 miles away, the milk is pasteurised and bottled on the farm within 4 hours of leaving the cows.  Obviously it is more expensive than supermarket milk but I am happy to be supporting a local farm.
I made meringue nests and used the cream.  Yummy.

So that's me for now.  Covid restrictions are easing this weekend but I'm not rushing down the pub.  I have some sewing/knitting/stitching to do.  Stay safe my friends.

Bye for now.......................Clicky Needles.


  1. Sorry to hear of your husbands visa issues. I know you'll miss him and vice versa. Good job on the bag and sweater finish. I like the new one's colors. Stay well. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Oh heck...I hope the paperwork is soon sorted, if only to put your mind at rest. Being in limbo is no fun, I'm sure. Love the cute bag and I share your pain with the beautiful hand knit sweater which might not see beyond your own four walls - one of the reasons why I stopped knitting anything bigger or more complex than a pair of socks! Hope we can get together with Marion for a socially distant catch up before too long?

  3. Ugh, so sorry to hear your husband is trapped here in the US where apparently we are all trapped! Thank goodness he is not in Florida where the virus is running rampant. Tell him to stay far away from here! I like both your sweaters, stay safe.

  4. Love the cute useful bag, I'm sure it will be well used.If you aren't happy with doing zips, that same site has a zip pouch tutorial that shows a neat finish and easy construction that can be used for any bag during sewing.

  5. The tutorial is called 'make a zipper pouch and she is wearing a declared colour cardigan, the zip part with the end tab is the interesting part, I do all my zips that way, as you can buy any length zip at charity shops and make it fit your knitting project bags.

  6. Not declared! claret colour.


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