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Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Making for Baby Needles

Hello there.

I have been busy making things for Baby Needles.  Firstly a dress.  I found this really cute fabric when I went into Stroud the other week.  

It's Rose and Hubble and really soft.   I seem to like all Rose and Hubble prints, this sheep and lambs being no exception.

I found a pattern on Pinterest which went up to a year so I scaled it up a bit for Baby Needles.

My black Featherweight, Eveline was out so that's what I used to make it.

It all went well, although I did get my modern machine out for the buttonholes on the shoulders.  I do have a vintage buttonholer attachment but I have not yet got it working fully.  With this piece of kit you drop or cover the feed dogs and the attachment moves the fabric, rather than the needle moving.  Nifty.

As always, there were a lot of things that I could have done differently, the waist gathering is a bit non-existent at the edges because I didn't run my gathering stitches long enough and the bodice is a bit wonky too.  But, the front of the bodice is 'stitched in the ditch' and you can barely see it, so that's a plus.

I scrabbled around in my button box and eventually found two buttons that matched, not the green I was hoping for, but pale pink.

I kept the skirt quite short as Baby Needles is in the half crawl half walk stage and I didn't want it to be getting in the way.

Miss Clicky has gone back to work after her maternity leave and furlough so Baby Needles is spending two days with a childminder and day each with me and the other granny.  It has been lovely having her for a day all to myself and fun to see the world through a baby's eyes again.  This week she fell asleep sitting on my lap and lying back on my hands while I sang two renditions of "My Ship Sails to China' and was out like light for 1 1/2 hours.  Miss Clicky complained that 'She won't do that for me!'  I told her she doesn't have the granny touch!

When she is at the Childminder Miss Clicky needs a wet bag for changes of clothes and washable nappies.  I whipped one up the other afternoon.

I needed a waterproof fabric for the inside, so I hopped into the attic and found some orange woven nylon that I had stashed.  A white shower curtain would probably have been better but I didn't have one at short notice.  I found a pattern here.

This involved another zip, which didn't go in too badly this time,

the outer fabric is a ladybird print fabric from Minerva Fabrics.
The orange doesn't show too much from the outside, you just get a shock when you open it!  It also has a tag on so you can tug on the zip to shut.

This bag is quite big, 52cm x 35cm and I am going to make another big and some smaller bags too.  All good for that zip putting in practise!

Well that's me for now, looks like we are in for a rainy few days, I hope it's better where you are.

Bye for now.....................Clicky Needles


  1. What super makes.Just before lockdown I thought I might need to get in touch with you.My eldest granddaughter was at Madison University and all the students were sent home.She was left on her own.My son managed to book her on a BA flight-cancelled.Then an American Airlines flight - cancelled.He eventually got her an Aer Lingus flight to Dublin and an onward BA flight to Gatwick.I was frantically trying to think of any tenuous connections to Chicago and thought of you!!!!Madison is about 2 to 3 hours from Chicago.
    I used to love sewing and knitting for my grandchildren.All a bit old now as the youngest is 12.Barbarax

    1. Goodness. We would have helped in anyway we could. Being stuck away from home is not nice. So pleased that she made it home eventually. Flying in times of Covid, as I found out, is not pleasant. CN x

  2. How lucky for your little darling to have a grandma who can sew such cute dresses! I'd love to see a photo of her in one of the dresses! My Minnie Bell waves across the sea to your Eveline! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Lovely projects, some toddler patterns can be used multiple ways, you could shorten the dress and make matching bloomers or long pants. I used to enjoy sewing for my daughter but now have 4 grandsons ! so no pretty sewing there.
    Did you give the tabbed Zip method a try ? It really gives a nice neat finish and and uses any size zip which is handy .

  4. That little one is being spoiled as she should be! So glad you are able to spend lots of time with her. That is precious as is the dress and bag. Stay safe.

  5. Hello Clicky, I have just returned to my blog after being separated from it for 10 months....far too long...sigh! I am going through all my blog list to renew my blog contacts and to invite everyone to participate in my Fresh Start craft giveaway. I thought it would be a good idea...motivational and to perhaps blow the blues away. I see that you are busy with lots of lovely makes. Personally I love having to crochet for babies....small,dinky projects that don't take too long to make! I taught myself to use a sewing machine but I am very much a beginner not at all up to the standard of these pretty makes that I can see here. Keep well Amanda :-)

  6. Such cute fabrics and lovely projects. I would love a dress myself from the lamb fabric!

  7. I think you made a fabulous job of the little dress, so cute and such lovely fabric. Oh, the crawling stage, there'll be nothing safe now, haha. Thank you so much for all the kind comments you have left on recent posts, it's been such a sad time but knowing I've been kept in so many people's thoughts has helped enormously.


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