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Sunday, 26 July 2020

A Bit of Sewing

Hello Folks!

This week, I have mostly been making face coverings, as in the UK we are now required to wear them in shops.  The one with foxes on is for Miss Clicky and the penguins for me.

For the men, I popped into town and bought some dark navy, although I couldn't resist lining them with some prints.  Who knows they might reverse them and be bright!  The flowery one on the bottom is my Mum's.

Lastly these two coverings are to go to America for Mister Clicky and one of his (female) English colleagues.  They have to cover up in the communal areas of the office now and he requested Union Jacks.

I've been working on my summer Craftpod.
I love receiving Craftpods.   

They are beautifully packaged.

The colours of the threads made me want to start straight away, so I did!

I finished the Summer Meadow hoop off last week, sitting in the sun in the garden, listening to England playing West Indies on Test Match Special.

Lavender, ferns, Cornflowers, Wild Carrot, Chamomile.

As always, this his been a pleasure to stitch.  I learnt a new stitch, a Bullion Knot, sort of a long French Knot, for the lavender.  I got better after a few!  The fern took a few evenings to complete but worth the time spent I think.

There are two projects in each box and the other one is a zip pouch with the Camomile embroidered on.  I haven't decided whether to make this, or just use the fabric to embroider some more small hoops.

Also included was a Chamomile Tea Bag and a botanical print, which I am going to frame and put up in our spare room.

I've also finished off some Lavender Houses from a Corinne Lapierre Kit that I bought a while ago.

Again, everything was included in this kit, stuffing, lavender, felt, thread and needle.  I have enough pieces of felt left to make another house too I think.

My M-I-L passed a birthday milestone the other week so I made her a card.  I've still not cracked freestyle machine embroidery, something on the list to learn.

Master Clicky has at last, been able to play cricket for his club.   He has been like a caged animal over the last few months but thankfully he is now released.

I am visiting a friend for a cuppa this week, I'm not sure whether we will be inside or outside, of indeed what the rules are any more, but I'm sure we'll muddle through.  

Going into shops still isn't particularly pleasant but it's getting better, I might try it next week.

See you soon..........Clicky Needles.


  1. I am so impressed by all of your stitching projects! You have done a wonderful job on all of them! I like your masks - I am wondering what pattern you are using. I have tried sewing one and mine does not look as nice as yours at all! Well done!

  2. Where to begin? So many treasures - and funny to come across Corinne L again. I hadn't heard of her until I made the needlecase and pincushion projects she shared on the WI site, but she designs lovely things, doesn't she?

  3. Hello my friend! It looks like you are keeping yourself creatively active. I'm trying to do the same. I'm glad your son is getting to get back to his game. What nice masks you're making. I have the supplies but have still not made some. Must do that. I'm back to crocheting my GDs blanket. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Impressive makes!! I should try to make some masks too as we have to wear them everywhere practically here and the fine for not doing so starts at 300€.. ouch!! I find I don't like going in shops much now at present either!! I need to use glasses to see prices and product info and they keep getting steamed up tch!! All this trying to respect social distancing is fine if other people respected it as well...I have to keep dodging other customers. I am happy to conform to whatever is necessary to get this virus out of our lives!! I do like the material you are using!! Absolutely love those gorgeous lavender houses and the packs...I tempted to go back to doing some cross-stitch or embroidery again!! Keep well Amanda :-)

  5. The masks are great you have done good job. Embroidery excellent. Enjoy. Xx

  6. Al of your masks are wonderful. mine were duds but kept us safe until I could order paper masks. They are much cooler here in Florida and because I wear one all day long at work I need cool. By the way love your stitching. Stay safe.


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