Scavenger Hunt

Saturday, 1 August 2020

Scavenger Hunt July.

Time for my July Scavenger Hunt photos, see everybody else's photos here.  


My Buddleja Black Knight.


My new garden bench seat and chair which I bought from our local furniture recycling project.  So comfy and the perfect place for a cup of tea and a bit of crafting.  It is just out of wifi range, to start with I was a bit annoyed, but now, not so much.

Begins with and F

Ferns.  Of course this could have been green too.

Still Life

Bargain sunflowers picked up at the supermarket this week.

Snapped at this moment.

All ready to start my post.

My own choice.

A Singer 99 that I picked up locally this week.  Made in 1917 and still sewing just as it should.  I have been polishing, oiling and sewing with it this week.  Happy days.

So that's my choices, I'm off to look at the other people's photos.

Thanks so much to Kate for organising it all!


  1. Lovely pictures. I love that Buddleja; such a gorgeous colour. The garden furniture looks very comfortable and as for that sewing machine.... I remember those, used them at school (in Lusaka Zambia) and my mother had one too. What a lucky find. Love seeing our pictures on your laptop too. Very clever.

    1. I do almost all of my sewing on vintage machines. I can't tell you how much pleasure they give me. I spend max £25, usually a lot less. Not sure I'm called clever that often! just took it very literally. CN x
      CN x

  2. Love the old sewing machine but my favourite has to be the buddleja, it's a gorgeous colour :)

  3. Are you getting many butterflies on your buddleja? I saw lots around when we had all the lovely weather in spring but I'm not seeing many around at all at the moment. I love sunflowers, especially for an indoor arrangement.

  4. Impressive Buddleja Black Knight...gorgeous colour!! Your vintage Singer brings back very fond memories as I remember my mother using one when I was a child....the sound of the pedal mostly! Does yours have a pedal? Later on in life when she bought an electric sewing machine and gave the old Singer away, I often heard her comment that she would have liked her old Singer back. Love the green ferns image! I am able to grow potted ferns here but they never seem to have that wonderful bright shade of green. Mine seem to be a tired sort of green.I imagine it's the heat that does it...tch! I'm off now to look at the rest of the photos. keep well Amanda :-)

  5. Wonderful photos my friend. Stay safe.

  6. I enjoyed all the photos and stories.. and then the new shiny and gorgeous Singer! Dayle informed me that one is "the next size up" from my Singer Featherweight. Is he correct? ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. Lovely photos, WoW to your "new" Singer! I'm sure you'll create lots of wonderful things with it.


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