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Saturday, 20 March 2021

Some Finished Things

 Hello Folks.

Firstly, I'd like to say thanks for all your supportive comments on my last post about our dog.  I found them really comforting.  I still expect his nose to appear round the fridge door but I know as a family we took the right decision.

Mr Clicky arrived back from the USA safely, and I spent 10 days in the spare room keeping away from him.  He had a phone call to check he was where he said he would be (not sure a phone call is a good enough check but heyho) and his two covid tests were negative so all's good there.  We are fitting in back together again as a family, after 3 years of being apart it going to take a while.

Miss Clicky and Baby Needles have been visiting, Mr S-I-L is currently working in the North Sea so she is allowed to bubble with us.  Mr S-I-L is part of ground investigation for an offshore wind farm, they are test drilling to find out what the sea bed is (mostly sand, as it turns out.)  He's away for 6 weeks; the nearest neighbour is an oil rig.

I have been busy growing seeds and trying to prepare the plot I am to be growing in and, of course, making things.

Here's Mr Clicky's Rallar-Genser Jumper that I started last March when I was out visiting him.  I had hoped to complete it whilst I was there, but I ran out of yarn, so I bought it back with me.

It's made in Jamieson and Smith 2ply Jumper Weight and Mr Clicky chose the colours.  It was finished last summer but the yolk was a bit distorted, the floats were fine and not too tight, and I realised that I had done a large body and extra large yolk because I hadn't marked the pattern.  Unable to stomach taking the yolk off, I threw it in the naughty pile and left it.

I spoke to my knitting pal Romain and the girls on the weekly knitting Zoom and they all told me to block it and see.  Of course, this worked.  Mr Clicky really likes it and doesn't seem to have taken it off since he has been home.

I have also made a Fabric Memory Game for Baby Needles.  I needed a zigzag stitch for this so I got Jessie out for the job; a Jones machine dating to the 1970s, which was pulled out of a skip by my very good friend.  She is a bit of a monster and I couldn't zigzag too fast as the table started to bounce!

I used a tutorial from Apple Green Cottage which was quick and easy.  

The game is a bit too old for Baby Needles at the moment but she likes turning them over and looking at the patterns.

I finished off my Christmas embroidery hoop.  I found this on Etsy and just bought the printed fabric and used up some threads I already have.

It was split stitch, leaf stitch and a few French Knots.

I also finished a garter stitch blanket for Baby Needles to keep her warm in her car seat.

Super easy knitting, random stripes in Marriner Special double knit.

In other exciting news, me and Mr Clicky had our Covid vaccinations yesterday.  A super efficient system, we were in and out, within minutes happily sporting our stickers.


Today we are feeling a bit tired, so we're taking it easy.

That's me for now, have a good weekend....

Clicky Needles.


  1. There is a lot of lovely crafting going on there 😊 be kind to yourselves post covid jab - some folk feel a little weary. My OH had his today and is bouncing around feeling right as rain, but a friend of mine was poorly for about 5 days x

  2. So much going on in your life right now! The sweater is gorgeous and I am so glad that blocking helped, the memory fabric cubes are wonderful, and they will be so durable. Glad you are all together, well almost all of you and that you are enjoying Mr Clicky being home once again. Stay safe.

  3. Oh it’s been a while since I’ve read a good crafty post ... you have been busy and made some lovely things. I made one of the fabric memory games for my nephew and I love how you have put a plain border round all of your different squares. I wish I’d thought of that ... it didn’t take my two year old nephew very long to work out that if he was sneaky he could see what was on the back from where my edges weren’t perfect if you know what I mean 😃

  4. What beautiful makes and so many of them too.

  5. I'm so glad your husband is home again. Can you believe it was one year ago you both visited and we picked you up at your hotel and gave you a royal tour of the Columbia River Gorge! The sweater you made for him is quite literally amazing! Enjoy having your family together. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. So happy for you that your Mr Clicky is home again. I see you are keeping yourself very busy with lots of lovely makes. Smashing sweater...thank goodness for blocking! It would have been such a shame a lovely sweater likes this were left on the shelf. I do like the fabric memory squares set and I have been looking at the tutorial. It looks quite easy to do even for a beginner like me! keep well Amanda x


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