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Sunday 13 February 2022

 Hello there.

Today it is the most miserable day, grey with constant rain.  There is only one thing for it, light the woodburner, hunker down and watch the Olympics. 

I have completed January in my Year in Stitches hoop and put the divisions and months in too.

I've only stitched one day for February so far, mainly because I am enjoying knitting my Mandal Jacket so much I don't want to do anything else.

We have had a couple of dry and even sunny days this week, so I have been up to our allotment to weed around the lavender bushes that we inherited.  They are large and woody and probably past their best, but when we took the plot over in August last year they were alive with bees, so they will stay.  

Underneath the lavender was a carpet of alpine strawberries taking over.  I used our new Homi Trowel to grub them out; it went through the soil like a knife through butter and I am definitely a fan.

This side of the lavender has a large area covered with membrane and stones and will be my no-dig flower bed.  All we need to do here is move the stones to the stone pile in the main car park, lift the membrane, cover the ground with cardboard and get several loads of muck in, and plant.   

I say all, there is also a pile of rotting down straw bales left by the previous occupant on top.  We're going to lay this under the cardboard.

I can't wait for this be covered with flowers.  I've sowed a few seeds but it's a bit too early to go full scale sowing yet.

That's me for now........Clicky Needles.


  1. The January segment of your hoop looks fabulous. Good on you for managing to get out in the garden. We were hoping to last week but missed the good weather whilst we procrastinated. Maybe next week 😃

  2. Those pesky alpine strawberries get everywhere don't they? Love the trowel!!


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