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Sunday, 26 June 2016

Super Whizzy Fast

Hello there.

I am very excited to tell you that, at last, we have fibre broadband.  Now, I know there are many of you out there, that have fibre and you've been uploading and downloading with ease.  Not so in these parts.   BT decided that it was "not viable" for them to connect about 200 houses.  Some community minded individuals set up a group and lobbied BT.  They said "Oh alright then but you need to pay our profit."  This was roughly £25,000 so each household has paid what they were prepared to/what they could afford.  It's taken a while but we're now connected.  In fact that is one of the reason that my blogging has become sporadic of late, I get very cross with sitting and waiting to upload photos and Sunday evenings were impossible.

Today it has taken me a few minutes to upload the following pictures instead of half an hour ~ waaaayyyyyyyyy.

Something else that is super, whizzy, fast, my Afmaeli jumper. I've completed the body and I'm nearly to the top of the first sleeve.   That's the beauty of knitting in aran weight yarn! 
We had a go at putting up our new tent which will take us to our music festival next weekend.  This went up in our neighbour's front garden in a super, whizzy, fast 20 minutes. The dog approved, it has a sleeping pod and enough room to sit in as well.  I may be going to a festival but I'm not crawling in and out of a tiddly tent!  As you can see there was brilliant sunshine when we tried it.  Not so today, there is more rain.  I'm keeping everything crossed that it stops for next week.
And the last super, whizzy, fast thing, Master Clicky when fielding in cricket.  He dives at the balls to stop them hitting the boundary rope and giving the opposition six runs, only trouble is, with all this rain, the ground is muddy.  Not sure these will ever be white again.
So that's me for now.  I'm off to do some ironing, yes you've guessed it, super, whizzy, fast and then I can get back to knitting.

See you soon, have a great week........Clicky Needles.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

Bunting Fun

Hello there.

It turns out that Mr Clicky isn't coming home until Monday.  He did tell me but I had forgotten.  Miss Clicky is camping in Cornwall and Master Clicky has been playing cricket all weekend so that leaves me and the dog.  It has been peaceful. 

Me, Miss Clicky and her friend are going to Nibley Festival in a few weeks time.  I am equally excited and scared but it is a family festival so hopefully I can cope with it!  I've never been to a music festival before and we are going for 2 nights.  It is run by the little village it's in, the school PTA do the food and barbecues, the village shop have a sweetie stall, it's a local affair.  The headline act are Scouting for Girls ~ love them ~ and there are loads of local acts.  

We've bought a new tent and I thought it needed some decorating so I got my sewing machine out and got stuck into some bunting.

It is very girly but that was the fabric I had.  They are 30cm squares sold in a colour pack, so co-ordinate well.

I used my sleeve ironing board which is brilliant for small projects.  I got from it from Amazon and for £6.60 you can't go wrong.  
A few hours later........ta dah!!!!!!!
I really enjoyed making it.  I'm thinking we'll put it down the guy ropes of our tent and then we might not trip over them when we've been on the cider.
I still have a triangle left from each of the fabric squares, so I think I'll make more today with different fronts and backs.
Happy Days.
See you soon.....................Clicky Needles.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Pottering Along

Hello there.

I'm pottering along much the same as usual.  We had some lovely sunshine last week but this week seems to given way to showers.  The Stinky Plant as it is known in these parts has flowered.  It's a Dragon Arum Lily, pollinated by flies.  It smells of rotting fish hence our family name of The Stinky Plant.  We've had it a good 10 years, the flowers seem to get bigger every year.  This year it had 3 flowers, each one about 50cm long.  It flowers for about 2 days and that's it for another year so as I write, it has gone again.
I finally gave in to that Drops Nepal yarn I showed you the other week.  I am making an Afmaeli jumper by Vedis Jonsdottir for Istex the manufacturers of Lopi yarn.  A free pattern which I fell in love with, and according to Ravelry, 1056 people thought so too.
I am making the version with the multi coloured flowers in the yoke.
Drops Nepal is sheer pleasure to work with, soft and springy but dense and cosy all at the same time.

Of course it's all a bit boring at the moment, the excitement comes when you hit the yoke.  It's made in the round, bottom up, so I need to do the body and both the sleeves before that can happen though.

I'm looking forward to seeing Mr Clicky at the weekend, as he's been in Chicago again ~ the second time in three weeks.  I don't mind him being away so much but the jet lag can be a problem for him!

Righto I'll see you soon.
Have fun...........Clicky Needles.

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Bank Holiday Weekend

Hello there!

I'm very pleased to tell you that we survived our school residential trip.  Most of the children tried most of the activities.  We have been windsurfing (a real hit), climbing, abseiling, kayaking down the River Avon,  fencing,  team work and cooperation games, singing songs around the campfire, transporting water filled balloons in boxes without bursting, eating great food and mostly laughing.   We had one or two a bit homesick but we were so busy the others forgot about home.  They were much fun and a pleasure to be with.

When I arrived back the first thing I did was to have a bath, you know the thing, lots of bubbles, with my inflatable bath pillow, I got so relaxed I feel asleep and woke up floating, the strangest feeling.

The bank holiday weekend found me mainly in my favourite place in the garden on my steamer chair with some knitting and a mug of tea.
The alliums around me are looking stunning.  I never tire of them.
I've picked up the collar on my Driftwood jumper, which is nearly finished but when I pulled it out of the project bag....
.......this happened.  I suspect the grey yarn which has been in my stash for quite sometime has had an attack of the moths.  Consequently the jumper and the spare yarn has all gone on the freezer which should kill off anybody still lurking.  How annoying.
Whilst it's chilling, I'm carrying on with my ravello top which probably looks the same as the last time I showed you.  I ripped back all the ginger yarn and some of the stripes because it was too big.  So I'm reknitting. *sigh*  It's my own fault I really should follow the pattern instead of thinking I know better.
Mr Clicky is away in Chicago again so I'm having quiet half term.  Might get my sewing machine out tomorrow.

See you soon................Clicky Needles.

Sunday, 22 May 2016


Hi there.

Today we visited the beautiful Cotswold town of Burford and had a lovely lunch and catch up with our friends from London.
It is a lovely place and that Cotswold stone, oh!  I was rather pleased with myself that I got a break in the (constant) traffic to get the pic.
Gorgeous Wisteria.

I love the milk churns outside the cheese shop.
We bought a sofa in a charity shop for our french house and that went back to London with our friends.  Happy times.

Tomorrow I'm off on a school residential with a bunch to 10-11 year olds.  For some it will be their first time away from home.  
There will be kayaking, high ropes, archery etc.
What could possibly go wrong?

Have a wonderful week.

Bye for now.....Clicky Needles.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Yarn Therapy

You know how it is.

You come home from a week of SATs testing at school. The kids performed brilliantly but the teachers are scratchy.  When on playground duty you can't be bothered to use your superhuman negotiating skills to calm down playground squabbles and yell "Oh why can't you just be NICE TO EACH OTHER."

When you get home the sun is shining and a grey, squashy parcel awaits you.
 There's a glimpse of yarny loveliness.   It's from Woolwarehouse.  Drops sale.
 You get the yarn out and play with it.  Make it into pretty patterns.
Like this.
 And this.
 And this.
You squash it, put it against your neck to feel alpacaery softness.  Smell it, (don't judge me, we all do it.)  Look at the pattern you have in mind, try to resist casting on and exhale deeply.

Equilibrium restored.  
Yarn Therapy. 

See you soon.......Clicky Needles

Friday, 6 May 2016

Bryan Adams at The Genting Arena

Hello there!

I was lucky enough to see Bryan Adams last Saturday.  There is a story involved so I must tell you.  I was watching the New Year celebrations on the BBC ~ on my own, Mr Clicky had given up and gone to bed at 10.30 ~ when Bryan Adams came on stage.  I'd seen him in back in the day ~ 25 years ago ~ twice, and he is a brilliant performer so I thought I'd have a look on line for concert tickets.  There were about a dozen tickets left at The Genting Arena, NEC.   I got 3 seats next to each other, saw the New Year in, and went to bed an excited bunny. 

I then needed to find two other people to go with me.  Mr Clicky wasn't too bothered so the next option was to delve into my past and find some old friends to go with.  Actually it wasn't too difficult, I got in touch with the two people I had gone with before.  My friend C that I have known since I was in playgroup and another friend R; we spent our early 20s together, before we had families and responsibilities, getting each into and out of scrapes and generally having a good laugh.   

I contacted them, we met up, had a whale of a time and looked forward to the concert.    The Monday before the concert I had a very annoyed phone call from R.  He is a lifelong Cheltenham Town Football supporter and they have just won the National League and will be promoted to The Football League.  The match on Saturday should have been finished before the concert and we could go on after.  He really wanted to go as the Trophy was being presented in front of the home fans.  Even though the match was not televised BT Sport decided that they wanted the match played at 5.30pm, too late to get to the concert.  I started phoning everybody I could think of to take the ticket but they were all busy.  It looked like just the two of us going.  

The next day I was minding my own business next to the crisps in Tesco, when I heard a voice behind me.  It was another friend from the same gang of friends from 25 years ago.  After we picked ourselves up off the floor ~ not seen her since our wedding ~ we got nattering and she was free Saturday.  The spare ticket was taken!

The journey up the motorway was taken up with three girls chattering about the past.
We were on the banking but had a fabulous view.

 Bryan Adams is amazing performer.  His voice is still brilliant and his guitar playing even better than I remember.   The last time I went to a concert and we needed to light things up, we used cigarette lighters! today, it's a phone.  How things have changed.  

We had a wonderful, if slightly surreal time, with lots of boogieing and loads of singing, although you couldn't hear us as Bryan Adams was so much louder.

Happy Days.

See you soon.......Clicky Needles.