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Saturday, 11 August 2018

A Bit of Crochet

Hello all!

Here we go, the crochet project I was talking about in my last post.  I bought the yarn and pattern for scarf at Wonderwool back in April and thought that I’d bring it for a holiday project.  The yarn is buttery soft merino sock 4py.
As soon as I’d made a few stars, I thought that I might try and make a top.
And here it is, nearly a Ta-Dah.

 Obviously there are an awful lot of ends to sew in and when I get home it will put a border around the neck and arms to stabilise them, I have used every last piece of yarn up.  I think I've got some 4ply back home that will do the job.
Mr Clicky and me are off to Boston for the weekend so I've started a sock to keep me busy on the flight, only two hours but you've gotta fill it somehow.  It's a morning flight so we're up at 4.30am.  The weather forecast is not looking good however, rain is  predicted and I haven't anything suitable to wear. 

Wish me luck............Clicky Needles.

Monday, 6 August 2018


Hello Folks.

Firstly, thank you for your lovely comments about the wedding blanket, my teacher (the bride) loved it too.  So did her fiance and she sent me photo of him wrapped up in it, sleeping!  

I am having a lovely relaxing time here in Chicago.  Mr Clicky leaves for work early so I lie around in bed for a bit, and then have breakfast on the little balcony of our apartment.
The pool doesn't open until 10am so there's no rush,  when I get there I have it virtually to myself because most of the residents are at work.  I have been reading, crocheting, listening to podcasts and a bit of dozing too.  When Mr Clicky gets home he comes down to join me for a bit.  He worries that I am bored on my own.  I am most definitely not, rather getting properly relaxed with no responsibilities whatsoever.
We have been out and about too.  We popped out to our local Movie Theater to see Mamma Mia.  It had fully reclining seats, something I've not come across before.  Other movie goers were carrying blankets, I soon discovered why, it was quite chilly with the air conditioning.  The film itself was ok, but I didn't enjoy it as much as the first one.
We have also visited the Chicago Botanic Garden. It is 385 acres of parkland and separate garden areas and greenhouses to explore all set around lakes.  As it was 36 degrees Celsius (97 Fahrenheit) we found the shade from the trees as we walked around.
There were lots of water features in various gardens.

The lake around the Japanese island.

There were several greenhouses with some fierce looking cactus.

I'm not sure the banana needed to be in the greenhouse it was so hot.

The plant was huge.  The bananas on the top looking like they needed a bit more time to ripen fully.

We both liked the white garden it had some ideas I might use at home. 

This hibiscus was spectacular, the flowers are the size of plates.

We spent three hours here and it could have been longer.

On the way back home we popped into Ikea.  Never a good idea on a Saturday whichever country you are in, but we gritted our teeth, fought the crowds and made our purchases.

Mr Clicky has been using this box as a table, I had got rid of similar 'tables' when I visited at Easter but this one had snuck back in.
We picked up a Kallax unit, doesn't that look better?

Remember the hibiscus?  We liked it so much that when we found one similar in a local nursery we bought it.  I put it in a pot with a beautiful purple flowered pennisetum and thyme in a rather eclectic mix.  The pennisetum is lovely and soft and the thyme gives off lovely scent.  It is sitting on the balcony and I can't resist running my fingers through the seed heads.
Well, that's me for now, I have a crochet project on the go which I am very excited about so more about that next time.

Have a good week.................Clicky Needles.

Monday, 30 July 2018

Wedding Blanket Ta-Dah!

Hello Folks

Time has gone by again, we've broken up from school (hooray!), and I am writing this post from Chicago.  I'm here for three weeks with Mr Clicky and having a lovely time.

Thankfully I got 'The' Wedding blanket finished with a week to spare, so I was able to give it to my teacher on the last day of term.   Each square had a round of eleven colours with a border of three cream.

I crocheted the squares together through the back loop.
The border is four rows of treble crochet.
I packed it up with a bottle of fizz

and made a card by stitching some fabric scraps onto a piece of cotton fabric.  I think my stamping needs a bit of work!

While Mr Clicky is at work I'm planning to spend some time around the swimming pool at our apartment block, knitting.

That's me for now, have a lovely week.

Clicky Needles.

Monday, 16 July 2018


Hello All.

Well, the same as most of the rest of the UK it had been hot and sunny in these parts.  I don't think it can have rained for a month.  The grass and verges are turning brown and it looks more like The Med than Britain.  England didn't win the World Cup but they did really well and made us proud which was nearly as good as winning and I had France in the sweepstake so that's fine too.

As you know my garden isn't up to much at the moment but I have two roses that are looking quite good but as you can see from the pictures they are looking like they need some water.   This lovely pink one is called Geoff Hamilton, a name from the past for you, and has a lovely scent.
This is a nondescript climber that I got in a sale at the garden centre many years ago.  It climbs up high and flowers there too ~ I know I need to prune it properly ~ so I've always though it was an apricot colour when I've looked at it high up.  It also has a lovely scent and turns out it has a pink tinge to it when it starts to fade, a bit of a surprise.
I've been hard at work on the blanket, Teresa commented that I must really love the couple that are getting married to put all the work in.  She is the teacher I work with and yes, we do have a good relationship ~ I guess you need that with a bunch of 5 years old to contain ~ although for me, things become a chore and less of a pleasure if I have a date to finish by.  With this in mind I set myself up in the garden with a nice cool drink to sew the ends in.  I found a BBC podcast called Home Front, a dramatisation of how it would have been for families left behind in England in World War One.  I am totally hooked and the ends seemed to take care of themselves.
Before I knew it the job was finished.
I've laid them out on the kitchen floor and tweaked the squares so colours do not clash too much, and now I need to attach them.  Nearly done!
Well that's me for now, it rained for about a minute as I was typing this but now the sun is out again.  I will be watering tonight.

Have a great week................Clicky Needles.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

Cement and Crochet

Hello there.

The last few weeks have been hectic and school has got into the manic stage.  We've had trips galore, practises for the school production ~ The Lion King, stepped it up this year, ~ sports day is next week.  The heat is not helping.

Master Clicky and I have been working on the garden.  We have been hard landscaping.  It's called that because it's been hard, nothing to do with the materials.  Most recently we've been mixing cement, well, I say we, Master Clicky has been doing that.  He grumbled that we had no cement mixer but when you're 19 it is easy!

I've laid out the wedding present blanket square on the bed to see how many more I need to do, five as it turns out.  I have three and a bit weeks to get this finished.  The wedding is in August but I will be away visiting Mr Clicky in Chicago so I need to get it done by the end of term.  Master Clicky took me out to Sunday lunch at a local pub today and was happy for me sit sewing in ends while we nattered, so that's some pesky sewing-in done.
On Friday I took Miss Clicky and her man to Heathrow as they are also visiting Mr Clicky and then going onto New York.  I was not too impressed with getting up at 2.30am to get them to the airport on time, but it was easy driving both ways.  Luckily I wasn't needed in work so I went back to bed when I got home.

Miss Clicky's rabbit ~ Thumper ~ has come to stay while they are away, he has settled in nicely.  He is doing lots of lying around in the sun although he needs to moult the rest of his winter coat!
Well that's me for now, have a great week...
Clicky Needles.

Sunday, 17 June 2018


Hello there.

Peonies are looking magnificent right now.  I just love them, don't you?  These are my next-door neighbour's, a stunning white, double flowered variety.  Their little girl wanted her Dad to pick one for her hair.  I wouldn't mind one of these stuck behind my ear either.

The one in my own garden is a little more modest.  It was given to me by my knitting pal Romain. Well, actually she gave me three, one pink, one white and one red.  When we had our building work done, I tried to dig everything up to save it from a digger being driven over it but when the work was finished it appeared I only had managed to salvage the white one.  
It has rewarded me with a single flower this year. 
I've got a vase full of these pink beauties too.  I picked them up this week with my supermarket shop, they stand in the middle of my kitchen island and every now and then I get the most delicate whiff of scent.
 Talking of gardens, I am currently trying to get ours into some semblance of order.  Right now it looks like this, part left over building site, part scrubland, with a few plants clinging onto life.
 What's the nice way of putting it?   It has potential.  This is not nice to see and as the back of the house now has glass all the way along it we can see it all.

I've had some chunky sleepers delivered, they came the other Saturday morning.  I heard the truck whilst I was in bed drinking tea, and went to answer the door in my dressing gown.  The delivery driver told me to 'watch from the window,' and sent me back inside.  The plan is to use the sleepers to make raised beds and deal with the levels we have in the garden. 
Progress is slow, partly due to the stones that lurk underneath the topsoil and partly due to Master Clicky's cricket obession which means his weekends are mostly spent at the cricket club.  Whilst I can lug sleepers about and cut them, it's a job for two rather than one.   

That's about me for now, I have worked out I should be making three blocks a week for the Wedding Present Blanket I am making for my teacher, this week I've only done two, so already behind my target.  
I'd better get my skates on...........
Have a great week............Clicky Needles.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

2017 Temperature Blanket Ta-Dah!

Hello there!

At last, a ta-dah!  I don't seem to have done one for ages now.  The temperature blanket I made has been nearly finished since January. I had popped it away just for the edging to be finished and promptly forgot about it.
If you haven't come across a temperature blanket before it's really easy.  Record the average temperature every day and make a square accordingly.  Some people make stripes, I went for simple Granny Squares.  I added white in the middle for snow, blue for rain and yellow for sun.

Mine started on the 12th January 2017 ~ bottom right in the picture with a temperature of 2 degrees and snow.
It finished on 7th January 2018 ~ top left with a temperature of 2 degrees and no snow. 
 I used a weather app to find the average temperature wherever I happened to be.
In 2017 (where I was) we had only had two days of zero degrees and the highest that I recorded was the 31st June when it got to 31 degrees

I have really enjoyed the whole process, it made me think a lot more about what's going on around me. I've also enjoyed colouring dots with my Sharpies.  

Unfortunately I ran out of red for 20-23 degrees and had to match it the best I could.  

If you're feeling inspired why not head on over to Pinterest where there are some beautiful examples. I really like the striped ones but for me, one square a day was more manageable.

I'm now working five days instead of four until the end of the summer term so I have to squeeze even more into the weekends, no catching up on missed TV on a Friday.  Master Clicky and me are trying to get some hard landscaping done in the garden but as he's plays cricket both days of the weekend usually, it's a bit tricky!  

Have a great week, I'm off to catch up with your blogs now. 
Bye for now..............Clicky Needles.