Monday, 20 July 2015

A Bit of Cricket

Hello All!

Mr Clicky and I went with our friends to The Cheltenham Cricket Festival last week to see a T20 match.  The Festival is held in the rather splendid grounds of Cheltenham College.   This is The Chapel end.
The Pavilion is just as impressive.
The weather was well......changeable.  It was raining one moment and blazing hot sunshine the next, making me wish I had thought of suncream.  We found ourselves a place in the stands, blew up our clackers
and got our 4 and 6 sign ready.

Gloucestershire were playing Kent.  Sadly Gloucestershire lost in the last few overs but it was a close match and we had a great time.

I haven't told you about my new camera.  I've had it a few months, and I am very impressed with it.  The main reason I got it ~ apart from the fact it is purple ~ is that it has a 24 x zoom.
This means I have a new obsession ~ taking pictures of the moon.  I couldn't do this with the old one and boy, am I making up for lost time.
I also captured a random planet (I think) ~ dunno which, if anybody does let me know!

School finished for the children on Thursday and for staff on Friday.  I've been in today however, to get all the peg labels in the cloakroom for KS2 done.  As I am the teaching assistant in KS2 it's all down to me.  One year I forgot completely and when we arrived back in September, 60 children looked at me and said "Where shall I hang my things?"  Not making that mistake again!

I'm off to our french house with my friend on Friday to do some more work.  You can find what we got up to on our last trip here.  It's really coming together.

See you soon...Clicky Needles.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

A Beautiful Day

Hi All.

We had a fantastic family day on Friday.  My brother got married.

It was at a lovely hotel in Cheltenham.  The weather was perfect ~ overcast so not too scorchingly hot but warm nonetheless.   The ceremony took place under the arches of the door and the small group of family and close friends sat facing in.  Now I'm not going to post any pictures of my brother and my new sister in law but I will show you some lovely touches. 
Miss Clicky had her hair pinned up with a lovely slide in it.
She was wearing mad shoes!  4 inch heels.  She was supported by her boyfriend and Master Clicky when she need to walk.  She did manage all day in them though.
 The bride and bridesmaid carried beautiful bouquets of peonies and canterbury bells.  The grey silk behind is the bridesmaid's dress.
 They both had flowers in their hair.
 The bride's dress was stunning, embroidered and beaded.
The staff couldn't do enough for us, at one point I had 3 drinks on the go, G&T, red wine and champagne!
 Mr Clicky was best man, he made everyone laugh with stories from the past.  After we had eaten we played games outside on the lawns.  Miss Clicky and her boyfriend playing Jenga. 
It was a black tie event, and some of the boys wore of pointy shoes.  I tried to take photos without them noticing!

We had a wonderful day, everyone was smiling and the couple were indeed, happy.  As we went to bed the humid day finally broke and there was a terrific thunderstorm.  The day will be a treasured memory for years to come.

See you soon............ Clicky Needles.

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Another Tote Bag

Hello Folks!

Master Clicky has finished now his GCSEs, and school as well.  The secondary school that he and Miss Clicky went to is now no longer in our family life.  This feels a bit strange. 

 I have made another 40 minute tote from The Purl Bee, for Master Clicky's head of year.  This last year hasn't always been a smooth one for him but she was very supportive and I wanted to give her something that wasn't the usual box of chocolates.  As this is the 4th one I have made, I am getting quicker, but I'm not yet down to 40 minutes!  This one is also made from tea towels.  The straps don't have a green tinge, just strange light.  
The reverse has a geometric print.

All in all I'm pleased with the results.  It is a little narrower than I had hoped, but I used one tea towel for the lining and the other for the outer, therefore I didn't have much fabric to play with!

My iPad has been out of action for a week or so while the glass was being fixed, so work on my Daybreak Shawl has progressed nicely.  There will be lots of pesky ends to deal with but heyho!  I'm nearing the border, but the rows are getting so big.   At knitting group yesterday I managed 6 rows in 2 hours :-)
I'm very busy at work at the moment, we have the end of year production with all it's props and costumes to sort, books to be archived, mountains of filing to do, sports day...............oh! and children to work with too.   

I leave you with my latest gardening gloves,  snazzy aren't they?  I couldn't decide which I liked the most, spots or plain, so I bought them all.

Righto, I'll see you all soon.

Bye for now..........Clicky Needles.

Thursday, 11 June 2015


Hello there.

I'm back from France and lots of work.  It's great to go and work on the house but it means that the time for half term doesn't get spent here, in this house.  I'm just about catching up.

The garden was looking a bit like a jungle but I'm not showing you that! instead I found some flowers.

I have lots of self seeded alliums,  I love the purple balls that appear.
I've also got the large alliums, this is like a football when it's fully open.
Aquilegia, love these colours.
A blousy red poppy.
Love in the Mist
and our clematis Montana, which needs a jolly good chop back, a job to be done when it's finished flowering.
I didn't do an awful lot of knitting whilst in France, mainly due to the fact that I was too tired to knit in the evenings.  To be honest I could barely lift a wine glass although we did manage one very low scoring game of Scrabble.

Back at home I've added some of the colour rows to my Daybreak and I'm very pleased with it.
 It's been a quiet week here, just Master Clicky and me.  Mr Clicky has been in Germany on business and Miss Clicky in Turkey enjoying the sun.  Master Clicky continues on with his GCSEs he's got just two left now.

That's me for now, I'll let you know when tales of our French exploits are ready!

Se you soon......Clicky Needles.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Caramel is finished!

Hello folks.

At last I have finished my Caramel Cardigan.  You may remember I cast it on Christmas Day and it took three weeks to realise it was on the wrong size needles.  Anyhoo all done now.  Most of the yarn was gifted to me by my lovely knitting pal Romain.  I am very pleased with it.
 I had a little surprise in the post this week.
 I won an online giveaway from Let's Get Crafting magazine.  Five pretty stitch markers ~ always useful!
Thanks for your birthday wishes for my children, Master Clicky is into his GCSEs, he has two subjects this week, some days with nothing so he can stay at home or go into school to revise. 

With my Caramel finished I am now working on my Daybreak Shawl, but there is a little faffing around as my stitch count seems to be wrong.  *sigh*  I need to get it sorted as I'm off to France with my friend B next week and it will be the perfect car knitting project.  We're going to do some more work on our little house, namely tiling the bathroom floor.  This could be interesting as it is not something I've done before.  

Wish me luck!   
Bye for now .............Clicky Needles.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Where did those years go?

Hello All!

It was my little boy's school Prom this week.  I don't know where those years have whizzed by.    From the little blonde chubby boy in Reception Class to a skinny beanpole who towers over me.

  From what he says he had the best evening, dancing, singing and generally leaping around.  He has discovered that he likes wearing a suit, so if we're very lucky he might be wearing joggers less in the future ~ it has been hard to coax him out of them, even for Christmas Day.  
It was his last day at school as well, GCSEs start tomorrow, the same day that he is 16.  Phew.

He doesn't have to wear uniform any more when he goes in for exams so we unceremoniously dumped them in a bin bag, nothing to be gifted on to others, they were threadbare!

 So the next few weeks will be taken up hard work and then he has 10 weeks to chill and then onto a new chapter of his life, college.

Let's hope those exams go well.

It's Miss Clicky's birthday today as well, no longer a teenager, she's 20.  This is making me feel old!
My next post will be more upbeat, I promise!

See you soon................................. Clicky Needles. 

Monday, 27 April 2015


Hello Folks!

Life seems to have left me with little time over the past few weeks and when that happens blogging is an extra pressure, hence the short break.

I had a fabby day out at Wonderwool Wales with my knitting pal Romain yesterday.  I came back super inspired, full of ideas and wanting to knit.

I bought lots of lovely things and spent more money than usual.  
Would you like to see?  Of course you would.

Firstly a ready made top.  Yes, I know what you are thinking, I could knit that.  You are right.  I could.  It was for sale on one of stalls and I just fancied it.   The yarn is Shetland and it was made by a lady in Herefordshire who has some sheep of her own and makes felted items too.
 It has a really nice contrast scalloped edge.   We came across a lot of jumpers and cardis with a contrast edge, something I might use in the future.
On the Blacker Yarns stall I had a rummage through a bin of 4ply yarn and got 6 balls for £15.00.  Maybe a yolk for a cardi/jumper?  The green at the back is a blend of Blue Faced Leicester with Flax and is wonderfully smooth.
In another bin on the same stall I found two unidentified 400g hanks of mill ends for £8.00 each.
The Baa Ram Ewe stall had a wonderfully soft, squishy, warm yarn called Titus.  It is 4ply with 50% Wensleydale Longwool 20% Blue Faced Leicester and 
30% UK Alpaca.
 I got a large skein and 6 mini-skeins to make a Daybreak Shawl by Stephen West.  The shawl on the stall was gorgeous, although they had run out of they grey so I had two lots of green.
Also on this stall I bought a pattern for Dark Pearl, a drapy front lace cardi from Carol Feller.  This was made in the same yarn,  Titus.  
And lastly a single ball of Drops Lima, just to try it out as I haven't used it before.
We had a super time, wandering and chatting, with a few ooooos and aahhhhhhs thrown in.  There was lots of Alpaca and also a lot of felting this year, garments and needle felted creatures.

After our long, tiring day of woolyness, I was asleep as soon as the coach pulled off, which was no surprise to Romain as she knows me by now!

That's me for now, I'm off to cast on a shawl........
Clicky Needles.