Friday, 11 April 2014

Floor Finished

Hi there!

The hall floor is finished at last and is now a fetching concrete and sticky glue.  It'll stay like that for a bit before the tiler can come.
We're all packed up to go to France and leaving in the next hour or so.   I've blogged about the progress on La Petite Maison so far this year if you're interested, we've got lots of work to do this week.

Could I just point you in the direction of Crossing Countries for Cancer blog.  Two friends of Miss Clicky are cycling 4000 miles through Europe to the Black Sea and back to the South of France in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.  As I type they have gone 370 miles.  The blog might not be that up to date ~ they are blogging when they can find free WiFi ~ but their journey will be interesting, they camp on the side of roads and cook in village squares.  Pop over and have a look.

I've chosen some new colours for more stripey socks for car knitting.  I'm on the sleeves on my cardi and thought I would continue with it, but I need some dpns as the circular isn't really working, so socks it is.
Well, I must get in the car now, see you soon.

Clicky Needles.

Monday, 7 April 2014


Hello all!

Phew, the Easter holidays have arrived.  It has been manic at school the last few weeks.  I was having 'a stop the world I want to get off' time.  

Me and Clicky are off the France next week so I'm trying to get lots of things done this week.  Miss Clicky is staying here and Master Clicky is off to my Mum and Dad.   I'm cooking stews, bolognese and anything that is reheat-able on hob ~ we're staying in a cabin on a local campsite ~ easy to cook after a hard day's work in the French house.

Back at home Mr Clicky and me are removing the vinyl tiles from our hall floor.  This is hard work.  We are both aching all over, knees, shoulders and backs are all sore.  It's a hard job, the glue needs softening with the heat gun before they'll come up.  
I'm also trying to have a general tidy up/clean before we go.

Outside spring is bursting.  
Our cherry tree is looking magnificent.

These are all in my Mum and Dad's garden.
 I love the lime green of this euphorbia.
I'm not putting knitting too high on my list week, I'm not driving this time in France, so they're be lots of car knitting for me.

Mon Petit Gilet Raye is coming along really well,  I'm on the ribbing at the bottom.  I've made mine a bit longer than the pattern ~ still loving it.  
Righto, I'm off now.

See you soon..........Clicky Needles.

Sunday, 23 March 2014


Hello All!
I've had a knitty weekend. 
 On Saturday it was the Butterfly Garden Knitters Group and today I went to a new group in The Norwood Arms in Cheltenham.

Mr Clicky dropped me off and went on to see his mum.
We had a nice knitterly chat over drinks and then he came back and we had lunch.  It was very civilised.

When we got home I put my cardi on the floor to take a photo  ~ cos we all like a pretty photo ~ and guess what?  I kneeled on my Knit Pro and broke it!
Hurmph.  I've ordered a new pair and have transferred my cardi onto an old steel circular needle I have.
On a brighter note, progress on the cardi has been good with this weekend's knitting.  I'm past the sleeves and working my way down the body.  I'm really enjoying it and can't put it down, itching to get to the next stripe.

I think that's me for now.

Have a great week..........................Clicky Needles.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Brooch Swap

Hello Folks!

You may remember me saying I was taking part in a Spring Brooch Swap organised by Jo at Three Stories High.  

Me and my swap partner Amy have exchanged our brooches.
I had two beautifully wrapped parcels and inside.......
 ....two lovely brooches.  One sparkly pink crochet brooch and one made with bright spring ribbon.
The centres are vintage buttons and Any has backed both with a disc of felt, which I think is a cracking idea and I shall be doing with any I make from now on.
I've had a go at making a ribbon one similar and I think you need the patience of a saint and possibly another hand to get it looking good.  I have worn both and had lots of lovely comments.

  After having a mooch around Amy's blog I picked up that she liked blue, so the one I sent her was mainly blue Unfortunately the choccy chick got squashed in the post ~ but apparently still tasted the same.
If you want to see some of the others you can find the list here

Thanks so much Amy, I love my brooches!

See you soon............... Clicky Needles

Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Perils of Subbing Yarn

Hello Folks.

Today I have a tale of a Temari Cardigan.  A pattern made in Fiberspates Scrumptious Aran a lovely combination of Merino and Silk.   My budget wasn't going to stretch that far, so I found some Hayfield Bonus Aran Tweed instead.  I swatched, tension was fine.  I started to knit, everything was going well.  I've now nearly finished one of the sleeves and upon consulting the pattern I realise that it's longer than the pattern says in fact the body is longer too.
Oh whoops.  
Now, I can probably sort it out, but it needs brain power, something I seem to be lacking in at the moment, so into the naughty corner it has gone.
Whilst it is there I started that other project that was bubbling away in my mind.
It is Mon Petit Gilet by Isabelle Milleret.  
I didn't find the pattern myself, I was mooching through some favourites of fellow Butterfly Knitter, Feltaria on Ravelry, and came across it.  I thought about it for a whole day ~ can I really be bothered to knit a whole cardi in sock weight yarn? ~ and then ordered the necessary.
The main yarn is Drops Alpaca, lovely and soft.
The contrast stripes are Drops Delight,
the same yarn that I made my Fabulous Stripey Socks in.
Do you want to see?
Of course you do.
It's top down so the ribbing is the neck edge.
I am loving it so far, making me go a bit heart skippy.  
Back in the real world the sun has made a welcome appearance, and Miss Clicky and me have been having nice horse rides (her) and walks (me).  
On Saturday we passed a field with some Jacob Sheep in
went through an interesting gate
and passed some ducks dabbling in the village well.
The sunshine has seen me in the garden, I've mown the lawn and cut back lots of shrubs, it's looking a lot better.  I've also done loads of washing.  There is nothing quite like sun dried washing.

Lastly some tulips Mr Clicky bought me ~ they've all had the pin prick treatment so standing right up to attention ~ look how well they go with my clock and Christmas  pom-pom bunting.
That's me for now.
Have a good week.........Clicky Needles

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Socks and Skating

Hello Folks!

I promised you another finished project and here they are.
Not that exciting I know, but they are hand dyed alpaca ~ by me ~ and very toasty warm.  These have been hanging around for a bit as well ~ year or so? ~ so it's good to get them finished.
I now need to crack on with my Temari Cardi and then I have a new project bubbling away in my head.

This morning Mr Clicky and me took Master Clicky to our local skate park, Rush.  Three neighbours'  kids came as well.   Rush is next to the Stroud Water Canal in an old warehouse.
Master Clicky took his scooter, but you can ride BMX or skateboards too.
 It is brilliantly decorated....
....with lots of space to ride, rails, steps and even a street!

 That's him in mid-air!
He had a brilliant time and wants to return.

This is our next door neighbour on his skateboard!
 All in a blur.
Whilst the skating was going on I crocheted a flower as I'm in the Spring Swap run by Jo at Three Stories High.  I just need to get a brooch back and then it'll be ready.

Righto, I'm off now, have a great week.

Clicky Needles.

Friday, 28 February 2014

A bit of finishing off.

Hi there.  Thanks for popping by.

I had a quick dive into my pile of half finished projects the other day an pulled some out to complete.

Firstly a stripy scarf made in Sublime Woolly Merino.  I got four balls ~ two green and two purple from the Ally Pally Show in 2012.  I wouldn't usually go for a boucle yarn but this is very soft and not bad to work with.  I used 6mm needles and just knit stocking stitch, I didn't mind about the edges rolling.  The stripes are random.
 I carried the non-working yarn up the edges. 
 Also a pair of Bella's Mittens.  I started these to use up some Sirdar Hug that had been hanging around in my stash for ever.  This is a nice easy pattern, which is better if you actually follow the pattern and not think you've got it.  Some rows I cabled every 5 rows, some 6 rows and some 7!
 I noticed this when I came to the next mitten and, as I wasn't going to frog back the whole mitten, I had to match it!  Anyhoo I'm pleased with them.

 The weather around these parts has cheered up slightly ~ we have seen the sun ~ but rain is still a large part of it.
The other morning Miss Clicky went for a horse hide with me ~ as always ~ walking along.  The horse is happier with someone to follow!
We went for about 5 miles and left in lovely sunshine so we didn't take anoraks.  About half way round an ominous black cloud appeared...
 ...and sure enough it started raining.  We were soaked to the skin, even to our knickers.
Then the sun came out and a double rainbow appeared.
So, that's me for now, you never know there might be some more projects to show soon!

See you soon, have fun.

Clicky Needles.