Sunday, 22 May 2016


Hi there.

Today we visited the beautiful Cotswold town of Burford and had a lovely lunch and catch up with our friends from London.
It is a lovely place and that Cotswold stone, oh!  I was rather pleased with myself that I got a break in the (constant) traffic to get the pic.
Gorgeous Wisteria.

I love the milk churns outside the cheese shop.
We bought a sofa in a charity shop for our french house and that went back to London with our friends.  Happy times.

Tomorrow I'm off on a school residential with a bunch to 10-11 year olds.  For some it will be their first time away from home.  
There will be kayaking, high ropes, archery etc.
What could possibly go wrong?

Have a wonderful week.

Bye for now.....Clicky Needles.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Yarn Therapy

You know how it is.

You come home from a week of SATs testing at school. The kids performed brilliantly but the teachers are scratchy.  When on playground duty you can't be bothered to use your superhuman negotiating skills to calm down playground squabbles and yell "Oh why can't you just be NICE TO EACH OTHER."

When you get home the sun is shining and a grey, squashy parcel awaits you.
 There's a glimpse of yarny loveliness.   It's from Woolwarehouse.  Drops sale.
 You get the yarn out and play with it.  Make it into pretty patterns.
Like this.
 And this.
 And this.
You squash it, put it against your neck to feel alpacaery softness.  Smell it, (don't judge me, we all do it.)  Look at the pattern you have in mind, try to resist casting on and exhale deeply.

Equilibrium restored.  
Yarn Therapy. 

See you soon.......Clicky Needles

Friday, 6 May 2016

Bryan Adams at The Genting Arena

Hello there!

I was lucky enough to see Bryan Adams last Saturday.  There is a story involved so I must tell you.  I was watching the New Year celebrations on the BBC ~ on my own, Mr Clicky had given up and gone to bed at 10.30 ~ when Bryan Adams came on stage.  I'd seen him in back in the day ~ 25 years ago ~ twice, and he is a brilliant performer so I thought I'd have a look on line for concert tickets.  There were about a dozen tickets left at The Genting Arena, NEC.   I got 3 seats next to each other, saw the New Year in, and went to bed an excited bunny. 

I then needed to find two other people to go with me.  Mr Clicky wasn't too bothered so the next option was to delve into my past and find some old friends to go with.  Actually it wasn't too difficult, I got in touch with the two people I had gone with before.  My friend C that I have known since I was in playgroup and another friend R; we spent our early 20s together, before we had families and responsibilities, getting each into and out of scrapes and generally having a good laugh.   

I contacted them, we met up, had a whale of a time and looked forward to the concert.    The Monday before the concert I had a very annoyed phone call from R.  He is a lifelong Cheltenham Town Football supporter and they have just won the National League and will be promoted to The Football League.  The match on Saturday should have been finished before the concert and we could go on after.  He really wanted to go as the Trophy was being presented in front of the home fans.  Even though the match was not televised BT Sport decided that they wanted the match played at 5.30pm, too late to get to the concert.  I started phoning everybody I could think of to take the ticket but they were all busy.  It looked like just the two of us going.  

The next day I was minding my own business next to the crisps in Tesco, when I heard a voice behind me.  It was another friend from the same gang of friends from 25 years ago.  After we picked ourselves up off the floor ~ not seen her since our wedding ~ we got nattering and she was free Saturday.  The spare ticket was taken!

The journey up the motorway was taken up with three girls chattering about the past.
We were on the banking but had a fabulous view.

 Bryan Adams is amazing performer.  His voice is still brilliant and his guitar playing even better than I remember.   The last time I went to a concert and we needed to light things up, we used cigarette lighters! today, it's a phone.  How things have changed.  

We had a wonderful, if slightly surreal time, with lots of boogieing and loads of singing, although you couldn't hear us as Bryan Adams was so much louder.

Happy Days.

See you soon.......Clicky Needles.

Sunday, 24 April 2016


Hi there!

Me and my knitting pal Romain had the best day at Wonderwool yesterday.  It was chilly underfoot ~ Royal Welsh Showground ~ but the sun shone and for the first time for several years we sat outside in the sun to eat our lunch.

This year I decided not to write interesting things down in a notebook as I usually do, but to take photos with my phone, of labels, designs and colours.  I know, get me using technology.

There are three halls to mooch around and we did lots of mooching.  

We both thought these mini socks displayed on windmills was a cracking idea.
Colour rainbows.
On the fivemoons stall was a lovely a-line jumper/poncho made in their Luna Sport yarn.  It was beautifully soft.    I was very taken by the crochet scarf too;  when I got back home I discovered I already have the jumper ~ Climb Every Mountain by Heidi Kirrmaler ~ in my Ravelry queue!  I've been less successful finding the scarf pattern but I shall persevere.  
There was an array of sheep. 

The always funny, alpacas.  These from Bird Farm Alpacas.  This one looked like it was the stall holder, it made us laugh a lot.
"That's £6.00 please Madam."
I didn't buy lots and lots but felt hugely inspired.  I looked at garments that I bought the patterns for last year and told myself to get on with them.   I accosted several people wearing things that I liked and we had a chat.   The stall holders were happy to chat even if we didn't buy, and the atmosphere was happy and relaxed.  At the end Romain said "It makes me want to go home and knit."

"So what did you buy?" I hear you ask.

Some more Drops Delight sock yarn,  I can't get enough of this, although I suspect I may already have some of these colour ways, must check. 
 Some Ullcentrum 2ply Fingering Weight.  This is imported from Sweden by Midwinter Yarns in Caerphilly.  
 It will be a stripy shawl, the pattern is Linus on the Line.

Two patterns from Woolyknits.  Both of the garments were on the stall and looked really nice.
And lastly some buttons from Textile Garden.  Always worth a look in. 
I sat on the bus and knitted more of my ravello top.  It's coming along well, although I didn't knit all the return journey due to a nap.  I told Romain that I might fall asleep when we got back on the bus, she looked at me and said "I'm expecting you to, you always do."
So there we are, a smashing day out.

Let's hope the spring sunshine carries on, and that it warms up some more.
Have a great week.............Clicky Needles. 

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Sunshiny Day

Hi Folks.

I've been busy in the last few weeks, we went to France the first week of Easter Holidays and then I spent a week teaching Master Clicky how to drive.  I think I'll tell you more about this next time.   Mr Clicky has come back from a week in Chicago with work and the washing machine has stopped working.  Luckily my lovely next door neighbour has been letting me use her machine.

The daffodils I got this week from the supermarket have been beautiful with just a touch of scent.
Today the sun has shone and I spent some time in the garden.  I took my tea out and attempted to make the garden look a little less weed ridden than it was before.  It was glorious when the sun was out and I can feel my face glowing.
I filled the brown wheelie.  I have discovered there is an art to getting the bin completely full and making full use of the space.  We are not allowed to have the lid open so a bit of extra chopping is sometimes required.  Long twiggy bits are best shoved down the sides and a lot of compacting gets more in.  Even though I filled the bin I'm not sure I've much of an impact; the soil is still very wet and heavy as our back garden is north facing and my boots were leaving tracks.
With the sunshine the tulips opened up their flowers.
With the prospect of a twelve hour car journey to France each way I was browsing my Ravelry queue as you do,  and came across ravello by Isabell Kraemer which I had queued a while ago.   Rav link here.  It's made in 4ply yarn so I had a stash dive and came across the ginger yarn which I've had for 6+ years.  It's either from Jamiesons or Jamiesons and Smith from Shetland.  I'm not sure which.  I then came across the yellow and green in ahem! another crate somewhere else.  I started to get excited and a bit giddy, bought the pattern and more green from Jamiesons (I didn't have enough of the other) and before I knew it I was off.
It was the perfect knitting for in the car.  In fact I've been loving the pattern ~ contiguous top down ~ but it was brought to a stand still the other evening when I snapped my KnitPro needle.  Thankfully a replacement has now arrived and I'm back onto it.
Right that's me for now, have a super week.

Clicky Needles. 

Sunday, 20 March 2016

A bit of Sunshine

Hello Folks.

We've had some sunshine for the first day of spring.  I popped some bellis in a pot by the front door, they are looking very cheery.

Which unfortunately, can't be said of me.  I have had a return of the lurgy that I had last weekend.  It has been going around school.  One day last week we had 10 children out of our class!   It was a blocked nose/sore throat/ sort of lurgy which left me very low on Friday and yesterday but thankfully, I'm livelier today. 

 I treated myself to a hot choc this morning made with Chocolate Charbonnel and a marshmallow melt.  They were both a birthday present from my mum and I had the last marshmallow today.  Oh! it was heaven.  Thanks Mum.
As I was grotty I sat and knitted and watched England win the Six Nations Rugby.  I finished one arm of my Driftwood and I'm halfway down the other.  I was trying to do the sleeves on a circular needle but wasn't really getting on that well, so I did a quick Amazon click and new set of double pointed needles arrived a few days later.  The sleeves are flying off the needles now.
We've only one week to go until the Easter holidays at school.  Me and Mr Clicky are off to France over Easter weekend.  Let's hope there aren't too many others with the same idea!

As always have fun...........Clicky Needles.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Straight Tulips

Hello All!

I thought I'd start off by showing my Mother's Day Flowers Miss Clicky bought me.
Red and yellow tulips.  Lovely.
They were a bit floppy however, so I pricked them behind the flower head with a pin and put some sugar for food in the water.
When I came downstairs this morning they were standing up straight in the sunshine.
I spent Mother's Day painting the en-suite.  It has been virtually finished, the plumber has to come back to put in the towel rail and two lights around the mirror.   Mr Clicky is banned from painting so it is my job.  After we brought the tin of newly mixed paint for the bathroom, he opened it, we looked at the colour and put the lid back on.  Whilst putting the lid on he got paint all over his hands and then splattered it up his coat and jumper.  He is no better with a brush in his hand, there's more running down his arm than going on the wall so, no more. 

I'll show some pictures when the bathroom is fully complete.

I have been knitting white a lot too.   This is my Driftwood by Isabell Kraemer.  The pattern is stripy, I am making mine plain with some colour blocks.    As it's a double knit rather than the 4ply cardi I made a while back, it's moving fast.  
The pattern had the lovely 'contiguous' set in sleeves and are a joy to work.  The yarn ~ Drops Lima was last year's Christmas  Present from Mr Clicky, so I'm pleased to be using it up.
I'm hoping it doesn't turn out to be be too much like a school jumper when it's done.........

That's me for now, 
have a super week........................Clicky Needles.