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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Baby Blanket Ta-Dah!!!!

Hello Folks.
The baby blanket is complete.
I'm really pleased with the way it came out. I had planned to do a stripe of each colour for the border, but having used lots of the navy blue on the Little Granny Squares there wasn't much left, so it was just red, blue and green. I really like the effect. I could have carried on and on with the border, I was enjoying it so much but made myself stop.
Despite me being a bit scathing about the yarn ~ Marriner Double Knit ~ when washed it comes up very soft and just right for wrapping up precious things in.
I gave it to my colleague today she was very pleased with it. Other comments of 'You're so clever' and 'Wow' from the other teachers did wonders for my ego!
I finally got the Friendship Blanket Squares finished and sent.
My new cable book is really becoming useful.
I've been thinking quite a lot about spinning having enjoyed last Sunday so much and even dreamt about spinning. Dreaming about knitting/crochet etc is not uncommon for me (and I suspect for you also.) When I decide on a new pattern or project I quite often dream about it I'm so excited!

Now the Baby Blanket is out of the way I've started the Drops Cardi ~ I'll show you pictures next time when it's a bit bigger.

Have fun whatever you get up to.

Bye for now .....................Clicky Needles.


  1. The blanket looks fantastic! What a lovely gift. Look forward to seeing the cardigan.

  2. Love the colours of the granny blanket!

    Pomona x

  3. The blanket turned out great, nice and colourful!

  4. What a gorgeous blanket, no wonder your colleague was pleased, I bet she was thrilled to bits with it.

  5. Blanket looks super - like the greeen lines in it, seems to pull it all together! Just a bit of navy blue, any more and it would have been too much. Well done. dojo

  6. Great blanket! Just think of all the fun you could have if you bought a apinning wheel!! You know you want to! And a whole new sort of stash to accumulate too!

  7. The crochet blanket looks fab and those knitted squares look very professionally knitted. So neat. Mine often look snaggy. :O)


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