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Sunday, 5 January 2014

A Happy New Year To You!!!!!!!!!

Hello All!

Well, all the decorations have come down.  This was a two day job as I decorate virtually every room.  The Christmas Tree was left for one night with just lights on, I took them off this morning and packed them away in the decoration box(es) and they were stowed in the attic by Mr and Master Clicky.  
 Mr Clicky and me took the tree to the recycling skip provided by the council, as there wasn't much room left so we had to leave it by the side.
As much as I hate taking the decorations down, the furniture can be put back how it was and I even wielded as duster (I know!) for a bit.  We had a good clear out in Master Clicky's room and sorted out old toys and games that he didn't want.  Lots of things have gone to a local Charity Shop, although some things (train set, toy farm) have been shoved in the attic too.  Mr Clicky tells me we need to board it out some more as we're running out of usable space.

Master Clicky has been making a model of a Vulcan he got from Granny Clicky.  I did point out to him that the Avro Vulcan production line was probably tidier than his, but he just laughed and didn't take the hint to tidy it a bit.  An Airfix model has become a Christmas tradition for him.  It keeps him occupied for a couple of days; he wants this model hanging from his ceiling.

Unfortunately the mess meant I couldn't  enjoy my Christmas table, here it is ready on Christmas Day.
The dog has enjoyed us all being at home and getting lots of attention although I couldn't find him the other morning.  I  searched the whole house eventually stopping in Master Clicky's room.
Can you see him?

 No!  Look again.

I've had a lovely two weeks off, and used to the time catch up on everyone's blogs and different Christmas celebrations around the world, it's been a big party.   I've also been having a good think what I'm aiming to do in 2014. 

Bloggy things:

 I've decided to join in with the Photo Scavenger Hunt again, run by Greenthumb.  I didn't last the whole year in 2013 and I am going to try harder.
Get back with Monthly Mosaics.
Blog every week and not get behind.
(These are pretty much last year's ~ oh dear!)

Knitty things:
Try continental knitting ~ I said this last year, not managed that yet.
Spend less time on the iPad and more time knitting.

Righto I must go as I have a pile of ironing the size of Everest to do and it's back to school tomorrow.

As always, have fun.............Clicky Needles.


  1. I totally need to stop spending so much time online and spend more time with my hook in hand! Sounds like a resolution I should join you in.

  2. Hope your bloggy wishes come to fruition - happy 2014 x

  3. Your Christmas table was lovely!

  4. Happy new year! I love seeing the dog hiding under the covers, how funny!

  5. Hi there! I showed the whole family, especially my 2 grandsons, the photo of the dog under the covers. It doesn't look like you waked your son at all! LOL! Enjoy your 2014!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. So glad you had a happy two weeks to focus on homey finding your sneaky clever dog :) Happy 2014!!! xx

  7. Hello!!! Your dog and ours obviously went to Sneaky School together..... I tried continental knitting last year (it was one of my 2013 resolutions - and about the only one I managed to achieve!). Managed to negotiate it pretty well but it felt all wrong. I think it largely depends on how you were taught when you started knitting. Still, have a go and let me know how you get on!!!! Happy New Year ! x

  8. All over for another year, my house looks very bare with all the decorations down. Love the photo of the dog, I think he'd get on with my Archie very well.

  9. Good resolution less internet and more hooky!! Here here. Dojo

  10. Hello! Now I am here to say thank you for coming to my blog and becoming a follower and for providing me a good laugh when I saw the photo of the dog hidden under the covers at the foot of the bed. He would be the best foot warmer, no need for a hot water bottle, lol. I am so looking forward to checking out your posts and sharing thoughts and ideas with another blogger who loves much of the same things I do. Have a Happy New Year!
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  11. I love the picture of your lovely dog snuggling with your boy. Sounds like you have had a wonderful time off and now it is all back to work.
    Hugs to you,


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