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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Who'd Have Thought It?

Hello Folks!

Well, it turns out that if you put the iPad down, play less games which are entertaining and fun but suck time into a never ending time vortex, stop oohing and aaahing over beautiful grey cabled jumpers on Pinterest and then try to find the patterns on Ravelry and getting lost for several hours there,  you can actually get some knitting done.

Saturday and Sunday morning this week have seen me having a cup of tea in bed (brought by Mr CN) and some Temari Cardi knitting.  I was also greeted by a very excited dog.
In days gone by it would have been two little children chucking a book at us and demanding a story.  Sometimes they'd climb in, snuggle down and before we knew it, be asleep again.  Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh.
That was nearly fifteen years ago.  Master Clicky (smaller one of the two)  has just picked up his Christmas bike.  He's used saved money and we put some in too.  He now has legs longer than Mr Clicky and towers over me.  It is  impossible to get him up in the morning.  Miss Clicky is  getting University offers.
Where did that time go?
Not that I'm complaining you understand, but if your children are little and cute, savour them.  Time will go.  Fast.  

My Saturday morning (after I'd had a second cup of tea in bed) was spent moving a load of wood.
It was a lovely sunny day, almost springlike.  I did try to get Master Clicky to lend a hand but the bike ("did you know the spokes are made in Switzerland?") proved too alluring.  The stack always seems to be neater on the bottom!  Anyhoo a job done.  
And so, back to knitting.  A really nice pattern, top down and then into some really easy cables which I'm doing without a cable needle.  Rubbish pictures I'm afraid, today is nothing like the sunny day yesterday, we've had low wet cloud and dingyness all day.
I'm rather enjoying knitting again.

Righto, I'm off to do the ironing, not such a mountain today but still quite a lot.

Bye for now.

Have fun..........................Clicky Needles.


  1. You iron? LOL! And don't forget our WWF games! :-) Love your sweater.. I'm impressed with anyone who can make their own clothes! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Sooo true....and I was sat in bed this morning, with a mug of tea made by my husband, thinking I was the only sad soul in the world to relish Sunday morning knitting in bed. Getting a teen out of bed for lunchtime is an achievement!! We lead sort of parallel lives! Fiona

  3. Beautiful knitting!!! [I read recently that gray is "the" color in 2014!] When we lived in NY we stacked many cords of wood and hauled bags of coal around, too....and during my time in NY my children grew.....quickly, too :)

  4. I think your brood and mine are competing in the same "Race to Grow"!!!! We were looking at baby pics on Thurs and I still can't believe they were EVER that small! I feel a pattern purchase will occur in my life today as Temari would appear to be the perfect pattern for some wool just given to me!!! Another of my 12 in 12 challenge sorted! xxx

  5. p.s. I'm glad I'm not the only one that loses many knitting hours trawling Ravelry! Ho hum.....

  6. Your knitting is gorgeous! I love the color and the intricacy of it. Thank you for the reminder about the children, I love that photo of yours, it's so sweet!

  7. Little darlings do grow so fast where has the last 15 years gone?

  8. The time does fly when they're young doesn't it (even though school holidays seem very long, especially when the weather's dreary and they can't go outside to play!). I love the cardigan, but I've made the decision to avoid Pinterest; I have enough distractions as it is.

  9. I'm the same when it comes to Rav and Pinterest - then I think that I should have spent the time knitting and not browsing the web! Cute picture of the formerly little Clicky Needles too :-)


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