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Sunday, 19 January 2014


Hello folks!

Today has been a bright sunny day, a break from all the driving rain.
To start off today here's some pictures of a Blue Tit taken with our lovely SLR camera.  Mr Clicky and me treated ourselves to a new lens at Christmas.  I put this nut feeder near the kitchen window and waited, these pictures were taken with a quick fire shutter.  The Blue Tit was very industrious.

Mr Clicky left for Vienna and the Czech Republic early this morning on a business trip.  He'll be away all week, which is probably just as well because the last time I saw my car it was up on a ramp at the local garage.  It's juddering, whining and producing odd smells.  Whilst it's having a short holiday at the garage, I can use Mr Clicky's car to get to work.  I hope it's ok.
The dog and me went for a walk in today's sunshine which was lovely and when I got back I lit the fire.  I resisted the temptation to sit down in front of it, and, with Mr Clicky away I tidied the study, pottered around, got the duster out, (Two weeks in a row.  I know.) had a hoover and a bit of me time.   This has made me most content. 
Something else making me happy, a bargainous bunch of £15.00 flowers reduced to £4.50.  They are lovely.
My Temari Cardi is coming along a pace, thanks for your lovely comments on it last week.
And lastly a finished thing.
Puff Daddy footstool.  
The pattern is here, if you're interested.  Just a rectangle of garter stitch, I used Hoooked Zpagetti which is t-shirt yarn and 12mm needles.  Dead easy knitting which I completed last May.  Stuffing proved little more tricksy but eventually I plumped on a large polyester pillow with a single basic quilt wrapped around the outside.  Me and Mr Clicky man-handled it into the pouch and then I laced up the bottom.  Phew!
 Master Clicky and the dog modelling.
 That's about it I think, Mr Clicky back on Friday so a quiet week for me.

Have a great week.
See you soon..............Clicky Needles.


  1. Love the green footstool/beanbag, very funky!


  2. Wow, bravo on that "pouf"! I've been seeing those and would love to make one, it sounds like it was a challenge to sfuff! Bravo! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. I am LOVING that giant Poof pillow, well done and great color. I am starting a sweater in a very similar shad of purple as the one you are using. I am so excited, a new project!

    Enjoy your time alone, well almost alone.

  4. So enjoyed your reasons for feeling content :) Your poofy pillow is an impressive TaDah! And I so admire the stitching you are completing in purple. Fresh flowers, a cozy fire, and lovely bird photos as well have my admiration. Now hoping your vehicle recovers good form for little investment, and that you and yours fair well while Mr.C travels :) xx

  5. Ohh ohh, a finished Puff Daddy, I just bought sale yarn to make one, perhaps you had mentioned it before so that's why I saw the pattern?....super bulky Sirdar Indie and I am hoping 13 balls of 50g is enough :o I will come and ask for expert help for the stuffing! Parallell lives continue, Mr KKK just got back from Germany and Brussels :o


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