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Saturday, 21 March 2020

2 Have fun in Portland and meet friends

Hello Folks!

Back to the second part of our adventures.

Portland is a very nice city.  It is compact and like most cities has a mix of new and old.

We wandered around and down to the Willamette River, not Williamette as I read it.

Don't be fooled by the blue skies, it was bitterly cold and the wind was biting.  We found the 100 cherry trees we'd been advised to see.  They are in Tom McCall Waterfront Park and were a gift from Japan in 1990; read about it here.  As they were only just coming into flower the petals were staying on not blowing off in the wind.

The Portland White Stag sign.  A stag in some description has been up here since the 1940s.

We went back to our hotel and waited for our ride.  It was Teresa and Dayle.  We couldn't come to Portland and not see them!  Teresa had very kindly offered to show us The Columbia River Gorge and all the sights that so familiar to us all from Teresa's blog.

First stop was their farm.  It was so weird seeing things for real that we 'know' so well.

She has lots of bird feeders which were covered with birds and a large woodpecker.

We carried on and upwards.  Dayle and Mr Clicky found lots to talk about in the back and Me and Teresa nattered away too.  

We arrived at this stunning view point.  The wind was blowing so much we could barely open the car doors.  Dayle told us it is an east wind that blows down The Gorge.  Brrr.  Can you see the Vista House?

Here we are, zoomed in. 

It is truly breathtaking.

A short drive round to The Vista House, it was really busy here but Teresa knows where to pull up to get pictures!

We drove on and took the road to the bottom of The Gorge.  There are several waterfalls down here, this one was called Latourell Falls.  They are 249 feet high.

I love the moss covered trees around.

We drove on to Multnomah Falls.  Wow!  They were so much more impressive and bigger than they look in photos.  And so noisy!  They are 620 feet high.

The spray had iced up on the rocks.

The mosses and lichens at the bottom were so vibrant.

At the bottom is the visitor centre where Teresa volunteers.  She is very lucky to work in such a stunning part of the world.
Then on to Horsetail Falls, smaller but still impressive.
As we drove along we could see scorched and burnt trees from the fires in 2017.

Next stop Bonneville Dam.  All along the Columbia River there are dams for electricity generation.  They are huge.  Little did we know we would see this again.
Next onto Cascade Locks Marine Park where Teresa and Daryl used to keep their sailboat.  There were barn quilts on the port buildings.

Teresa declared it was time for an ice cream so we went to the drive in.
My, they there were big!

We parked up to eat them, and gaze at the river.
All too soon, we turned back to Portland and our hotel.  Teresa and Dayle are the nicest, kindest people and it was brilliant to meet them after 'knowing' them for so long.  

When they dropped us off Teresa had presents for me.
How lucky am I?  She gave me a lovely pair of faux tortoiseshell needles from Australia which are beautiful.

A Multnomah Falls poster, which is coming  straight home with me to go up in my craft room

and one of her darling crochet hearts.  I was well and truly spoilt, thank you Teresa.

Our flight out was lunchtime the next day so we had a leisurely breakfast and caught the Streetcar to the airport.

We went over Steel Bridge, yes, it is called that, that we had seen the day before.

We could see the flat top of Mount St Helens in Washington in the distance.

And got a really good look at Mount Hood.  It had been cloudy the day before, so we hadn't seen the top, but today we had some amazing views of it as the plane taxied to take off.
The planes in front are Alaska Air in case you were wondering!
Actually we flew over it too!

Along The Gorge and over the Bonneville Dam that we had been at the day before.

What a trip. 

I settled down to more glove knitting as the sun went down.

I need to thank Teresa and Dayle again, for being the best local guides and the kindness that they showed us, you really were great.

When we landed things were quiet and strange.

I'm still rocking from the train but I'm hoping that will go soon.  

See you soon........Clicky Needles.


  1. That was a great trip and you got home just in time to stay home and be safe! What beautiful photos - I have seen similar on Teresa's blog but so nice to see the photos from the plane too! What a fabulous time you had! Thanks for sharing it!

  2. What a fantastic blog post, my friend! I'm so glad we got to meet you both, you're the cutest and most fun person and of course I LOVED your English accent. The guys had a good time visiting in the back seat. It was fun to take you on a guided tour of the gorge. I wish you could have gotten to see the Oregon Coast and go up on Mt. Hood.. but maybe next time! :-) I hope you stay safe. Keep in touch! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

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