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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr AGAIN.

Hi all!
You remember I was moaning about no proper snow?
Well it came on Friday night.
During the day it had been really cold -4 degrees in Cirencester, when I was Christmas shopping. Not as cold as some poor souls have had it I know and you chilly peeps have my full sympathy. So we got snow on Friday night, but by the morning it had warmed up enough to start going slushy. That didn't last long though and it soon went icy again so now it's even more slippery around here. *sigh*

Whilst I was Christmas Shopping on Friday I found this fabby bag in Cargo Homestores. It's a very pretty print which was what caught my eye. Made from recycled plastic bottles, I think it is 'supposed' to be used for quilts whilst they're hibernating.
As you can see I've managed to cram a lot of something into it.
Any ideas what?
Yes, you've guessed it YARN!!!!!
I've got loads and loads and loads in.
I won't be counting HOW many because I will just frighten myself.
Suffice it to say a lot.
I put the decorations up in my classroom on Wednesday, which between the teacher and me we conspire to do whilst the kids are out of the room. She took them off to do P.E. and I decorated. The ooos and ahhhhs are priceless.

Some bright spark at work suggested that our Secret Santa this year, should be something handmade. We STILL haven't done the draw but I needed to get going, so I made this chunky lacy pattern scarf. I used two balls of Wendy Fusion (now discontinued) for this.
I would happily keep this but I suppose I should part with it.
I hope you keep warm this week, Monday around here is looking chilly cold AGAIN.
Bye for now Clicky Needles

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  1. I do like that stash bag! I'm not saying how many I'd need to store my ever-increasing yarn mountain! Your scarf is lovely - I can't imagine our staff voting for a handmade secret santa gift! Hope you get something lovely in return!


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