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Monday, 20 December 2010

Nearly There!

Hello folks.
The (very) eagle eyed amongst you will notice a slight change to my age today.
Yep it's my birthday.
We had planned to see Harry Potter which I'm really looking forward to but............
more snow!
It started snowing at lunch time and now (5.oo pm) it's still going.
Anyhoo I've had a nice pottering sort of day.
Mr Clicky Needles has promised me "wooly' type things for my birthday pressie. I now need to think about what I'd like. Do I need more yarn? Not really!!!!!!!
The postie didn't manage to get to us so I've not had many cards to open but that really doesn't matter.

I started with the decorations on Sunday but my 'new' colour scheme for the tree didn't go well, the turquoise blue really wasn't that great.
I changed my plans last minute to black/pink/purple but the few pink and purple decorations I had weren't looking very good, I was feeling very meh, which wasn't good as putting up decorations usually makes me really happy.

On Monday Mr Clicky Needles suggested we went out and got some more, so we warmed up the trusty 4 x 4 did a food shop and dropped into Homebase. They had fabby pink baubles and pink ribbon, so when we got back I had so much fun.
The mantel piece now looks lovely and pink!..........
.........I'm particularly pleased with the vase on the end.
Today I've adding more bits and pieces ~ this is the hallway.......
...the top of the bookcase in the hall.
and the little Nativity in the kitchen.
Anybody spot the llama?!!!!!!
There is still lots more to show ~ I'll get more piccys tomorrow.
Me obsessed with decorations?
Here's my waistcoat with the button finally added.
Knit in Stylecraft Life Super Chunky on 12mm needles. I made in one piece as I didn't want bulky seams, the pattern was from a book called Knitting in No Time which I got cheap from the book club at school. Cosy warm even though it has no sleeves!
Well, the snow still falls but we're all cosy, hope you are too.
Bye for now, Clicky Needles.


  1. A belated happy birthday! Hope you had a squishy parcel or two to unwrap! What is Mr Clicky going to get you? Love the pink and silver decorations on your mantlepiece!

  2. Belated happy birthday!! Your decorations look absolutely gorgeous.

    The waistcoat looks great, a tip in my Yarn Harlot knitting calendar was to use embroidery threads instead of yarn for seaming chunky knits to avoid excessively bulky seams if you haven't knit in one piece. I thought it was a good tip (also useful for when yarn runs out before the final sewing up!)


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