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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Midweek Post

Hello, just a quick midweek note.

As I asked last time the weather did get above freezing for a bit, and then it snowed. Not proper snow though, just rubbish, not enough snow. Then it froze and we're back to square one but with snow hanging around too.
It's been a right palaver at school with the kids having to get coats, hats, scarves, gloves and wellies on and then taking them all off again when play has finished.
We've had a really good assortment of slippers and stripy slipper socks during lessons!

1st December has come and the advent candle has been lit.
The kids have been munching on choccys before breakfast (the only time of the year it's allowed!).
Yes the kids are 11 and 15 but these lovely calendars were bought for them by B + S on their last visit. Was DD (15) happy with Peppa Pig?????
Yes, it contains chocolate so she ain't complaining.
The Christmas decorations will be a while before they go up, I like to do the decorating in the week before Christmas.
On a very exciting note (well for me anyway I don't suppose you'll be) I won a competition run by my virtual friend and fellow blogger JosieKitten. She's had her blog featured in Yarn Forward magazine, was over the moon about it and decided to have a giveaway of some yarn. I was the first out of the hat, so I've chosen the Jojoland Melody Sock Yarn. I've not used Jojoland before so I'm looking forward to getting it.
Thanks JK!

Hope you're coping alright in the snow.
Bye Clicky Needles.

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