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Saturday, 11 December 2010

Squeaky Blanket Ta-Dah!

The squeaky blanket is complete.
I am very, very pleased with it.
According to my Ravelry projects page I started on the 8th October, and I finished it yesterday.
Considering all the other things I've been doing as well, I think that this is pretty good progress.
I opted for four rows of double crochet (or single crochet for peeps across the pond) as the border.
It goes very nicely on my new(ish) Poang Armchair Cushion bought on the fantasy shopping trip to Ikea with B in October. This pic doesn't show it that well ~ but the green of the chair and the green of the cushion match perfectly!

With DS being ill ~ we have now offically called it 'flu rather than 'just being under the weather' I've been at home with him and doing 'stuff'.
My garden twine bag which must be about 3 years old was a bit the worse for wear ~ the handle had stretched and was about to break...... I took it off and added a new one. Sadly I didn't have any more purple twine but I think the repair looks fine. Another 3 years service coming up!
I've started a double crochet (sc) scarf for Mr Clicky Needles in Rowan Tapestry. It's made lengthways ~ I love the woven effect of double crochet and the pattern is really coming out nicely with the variegated yarn. Did I mention the yarn is from STASH. No?
I'll say it again then.
DS is slowly getting better ~ he came downstairs today saying that his legs had stopped aching so I think he'll be back to school on Monday. When I spoke to his school they said lots of students are away with the same thing.

My school went to the Pantomime on Thursday ~ oh no you didn't, oh yes I did ~ which the kids just loved. I'm not all that sure about the adults and trying to guide 100 kids through Christmas Shoppers is always a bit trying but we managed not to loose anybody.

I may post again tomorrow ~ my long waistcoat just needs a button (uh oh!) so we'll see. I'm in a right finishing off mood at the moment.

Despite some people (you know who you are!) trying to tempt me into starting with that lovely Jojoland ~ it sits on the side and I keep squishing as I walk by ~ I'm trying to resist. (It is sooooo soft.)

Hope your weekend is a good one.
Clicky Needles.

P.S. I need to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Josiekitten for yesterday ~ I hope you had a good day despite your trials!


  1. Love the blanket and well done on using some of your this to make room for xmas goodies that santa may bring you!!!!!

  2. Ahem .....he doesn't need to bring me goodies I've bought lots from Kemps as it is!

  3. Thanks for your birthday wishes! You've been very busy. I do like the scarf very much.

  4. I love your blanket and the scarf. How lovely! I hope the flu goes away soon.

  5. Love the pretty scarf and that gorgeous bag. Ros

  6. Hello hello hello! At last I am able to follow your lovely blog. Sorry it took me do long to get here. Stay warm and watch out for the snow we are due Friday, Saturday and Sunday! x


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