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Friday, 17 December 2010

A Huge Sigh Of Relief

End of Term.
We've had parties, carol concerts, nativity and much festive fun and now it's all come to an end.
I 'undecorated' the classroom on Thursday as snow was forecast at night.
School was shut Friday due to ice and dangerous roads.
I got some handmade goodies from the children.
Christmas biscuits ~ I can confirm the ones on left were very nice ~ not had the others yet....
and a super Christmas cake which is great for Mr Clicky Needles ~ me and kids don't like it so I never make one!
We had our staff night out last night and the homemade secret santa went down very well. Our secretary got my scarf and was very pleased with it.
I got some ready to mull wine. Apparently it's potent!
I also received a lovely parcel through the post ~ Santa's Washing Line! This was the small Christmas Swap on the Phoenix Forum from Squirrel. It's very cute.
As we thought, we woke up to this today.

It's still snowing at the moment.
DS and me went and bought the Christmas Tree yesterday from a local nursery as we weren't sure what the weather would do. Thank goodness! We'll be getting it up later and the decorating will begin!
Lastly, Mr Clicky Needles' scarf is finished. It needed a jolly good blocking, as it was curling up, but is now looking really good (even if I do say so myself!)
Making it lengthways in the stripy yarn has given it a lovely effect and it's really thick and warm.
I may make some more to use up odds and ends and leave tassels on the ends.
OK so now I'm off to get those decorations up ~ expect lots of sparkly pictures!

Bye for now Clicky Needles.

P.S. Hello to Tickety-Boo great to have you on board!


  1. Yip sure is snowing! A day of baking and sledging ahead. I bet your glad you got the tree yesterday. Enjoy your day decorating it.

  2. Batten down the hatches and stay warm! Happy holidays!

  3. Lovely scarf and wintry pictures. Try to stay warm!

  4. Hya, Love the scarf, looks lovely and warm.
    Have fun with the decorating, just finished mine, huge sigh of relief!! Busy knitting Jean Greenhowes snowball people, they are really cute!!
    Bye for now


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