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Monday, 6 December 2010

Ice Day!

Hi there.
Not snow day but an ice day.
Apparently the roads around school are treacherous so I am at home pottering around. I not convinced I could have got off the drive this morning even in my 4x4, there is a sheet of ice glistening menacingly.
Unfortunately DS is ill as well so we're tucked up by the fire, watching films, we're currently on Madagascar.

I have ventured out the back door and took these in the garden.

My favourite.
My trusty Sony Cybershot never ceases to amaze me with the quality of photos. All of the above pictures are taken on the VGA setting which is very low resolution and
e-mailable, but still come out looking great.

Whilst watching the film I've also been winding some laceweight I got a while ago.
As you can see there is one lovely, neat and beautiful little yarn cake.
Not so with skein number 2. I very stupidly knitted a tension square straight from the skein (I was very excited to have it) and in the process I've managed to get it a bit tangled, so every few turns of the swift I have to take the wound yarn off the winder and feed it through a loop. How long is the skein? 600 metres. I am resisting the temptation to attack it with a pair of scissors........this could be long evening.
I hope you like the new look of the blog.
Keep warm.
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  1. The new look is fab!

    Please don't cut the yarn! You know it makes sense!! As annoying as it is to wind, the knots in the work will be worse.

    The icy photos are lovely; it's snowing again here in Belfast. I got sent home from work early, and I'm wondering how bad it will be in the morning. :(

  2. Love the blog's makeover! We had a lot of ice here too - caused problems for staff getting into work. Hope you managed to sort out your laceweight without resorting to the scissors! I had a similar problem when I was winding yarn at Snoopydog's, and the scissors were the only answer in the end! Good luck!

  3. Love the cobwebs.


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