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Friday 15 January 2021

Link Up Party: New

Hello all.

 I'm joining in with Kate for our second Scavenger Hunt post of January 2021.  

Today we are finding something new.  It occurred to me whilst finding something to picture, that everything is new at some point so really it could be ANYTHING in the world. 

That thought was blowing my mind too much, and I went for some new shoots of snowdrops.  No white tips showing as yet, but such promise for the weeks to come.

I'm off to see what everyone else has come up with. Link here.


  1. Love your new snowdrops. To me it is always a sign that winter won't last forever and soon it will be the daffodils popping up.

  2. New snowdrops popping up are a good sign that it won't always be winter and spring isn't too far away :-)

  3. My snowdrops are all starting to poke their heads up too ... it won’t be long before things start to look a bit less ‘brown’ and dull 😃

  4. I've got snow in the garden so couldn't take a photo of new shoots. Spring is on its way! Yipee.

  5. Snowdrops one of my favourite flowers! They look so fragile and delicate yet they are surprisingly strong and resilient.Of course they are the sign that spring is on its way too. Have a great weekend Amanda x

  6. ooh I am soooooo looking forward to snowdrops - they to me are the first 'real' sign that spring is on its way! Lovely :)

  7. They'll be so pretty when they bloom! Ours are just showing a little white and we keep getting teased with snow, maybe next week.


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